Hair Product and Hair Loss

male checking hair in mirrorWe buy hair care products for only one reason. Whether it’s shampoo, conditioner or another type of product, you use it to look good. Hair is often connected with appearance, beauty, and self worth.  Hair products are an important part of that. But what if hair products are responsible for doing the exact opposite of what it’s intended to do? Can hair products be responsible for hair loss? At RHRLI, we’re often asked whether there’s any connection between hair product and hair loss. Is using too much or too little shampoo or conditioner dangerous? Are there types of products you should avoid? Let’s explore the possible links between hair product and hair loss.

How Hair Product Impacts Hair Loss

According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), hair product and how you wear your hair can have an impact on hair loss. For example, frequent bleaching can cause hair to break and overuse or improper use of things like dyes, gels, and hair sprays can also cause problems.

Men’s Health magazine focuses on several common culprits, including hair products that contain alcohol or ingredients like polyethylene glycol. These ingredients can dry your hair out. Other products can contain chemicals that will cause your hair to become brittle. This is particularly true for dyes and chemical hair relaxers used to straighten hair. AARP flags some foams and thickeners with ingredients such as sodium laurel sulfate that can strip hair of essential oils. Sodium chloride (common table salt) in hair products can cause dry, itchy scalp which can lead to hair loss.

It’s not just hair product that can lead to problems. There can also be problems related to hair styling tools. Using a blow dryer too much can damage hair because the heat from the blow dryer can boil the water in the hair shaft, leaving hairs brittle. Flat irons and other hot devices can also cause problems. Too much shampooing and brushing more than 100 strokes a day can break off dry hair. Wearing hair in a tight bun can cause a hair loss condition called traction alopecia.

RHRLI Will Correct Permanent Hair Loss

Most of these conditions will not lead to permanent hair loss. If you stop using the offending products or styling tools your hair will grow back stronger and healthier. In some cases, long-term abuse can cause thinning hair. RHRLI knows you’re concerned about your hair loss and that’s why we offer ARTAS®, the most effective permanent solution. This state-of-the-art treatment involves the use of robotic technology. ARTAS® takes human error out of the equation and because it’s minimally invasive, there will be little scarring and you’ll be back to normal in days.

ARTAS® is central to what we call the RHRLI Edge, but there’s so much more. Our board-certified surgeon, Dr. Baiju Gohil, meets with each patient individually and only schedules one ARTAS® procedure a day. He will explain every aspect of our treatment to you and will be happy to answer your questions. Dr. Gohil will use the ARTAS® robotic arm to find healthy donor hairs and precision transplant them to where they’re needed. To learn more about ARTAS® and RHRLI, contact us today.

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