Center for Clinical Excellence

Robotic Hair Restoration of Long Island
Wins The Center of Clinical Excellence Award

ARTAS® Center for Clinical Excellence Award RHRLI

Restoration Robotics, Inc. has designated Dr. Gohil’s Robotic Hair Restoration of Long Island (RHRLI) a Center of Clinical Excellence for performing the ARTAS® Hair Restoration Procedure.

RHRLI earned this honor by meeting or exceeding rigorous clinical criteria set out by Restoration Robotics, the company that created the ARTAS® Robot. Clinical experts from Restoration Robotics, the company that manufactures the ARTAS® Robotic Hair Restoration System, over the course of a number of cases.

These Accreditation Requirements Include:

  • Obtaining graft harvest yield rates of at least 85% viability.
  • Performing procedures that involve more than 2,000 grafts.
  • Achieving at least 700 grafts per hour.
  • Being a high-volume center.
  • Having follicular transection rates of less than 10%.

RHRLI Consistently Achieves

Follicular Transection Rates of Less than 3%

Graft Harvest Yield Rates of 94-98%.

As you can see, RHRLI greatly exceeds the criteria for achieving the Center of Clinical Excellence honors. That means that Dr. Baiju Gohil and his team provide every patient with the highest quality care and hair restoration procedure possible. Schedule a free consultation with us, and you’ll discover the RHRLI Edge.