ARTAS® vs Other Systems

The ARTAS® Hair Restoration Procedure

At RHRLI, our proven methods of hair transplantation and restoration begin and end with the ARTAS® System. With the ARTAS® Robotic Hair Transplant System, we work to ensure that you receive a follicle unit excision (FUE) transplant that will leave you with full, natural hair once again. The ARTAS® System provides our physician with the kind of digital technology that is necessary to more accurately and consistently harvest and transplant your hair. The ARTAS® Robotic Hair Restoration system the latest and greatest hair transplant system and procedure being performed in the United States. Let us explain just why this technology is your best option for hair loss.

ARTAS® Hair Transplant Procedure

Other hair restoration systems — particularly manually operated systems — fall short in many ways. Because these technologies are not as advanced, they do not provide the doctor with sufficient guidance over individual hairs, leaving the job largely to the physician’s hand-eye coordination. In contrast, the ARTAS® Procedure gives the doctor significantly greater control over the selection, harvesting, and transplantation of the new hair follicles. Furthermore, because the ARTAS® System is specifically used in follicle unit excision (FUE) transplants (a minimally invasive form of hair restoration), patients undergoing ARTAS® Procedures are not left with linear scars, and they experience shorter recovery times.

The Advantages of The ARTAS® System

ARTAS® vs. Other Systems

  • High-resolution digital imaging, which shows greater details of the donor site
  • Real-time analysis, which more accurately maps out and analyzes the natural hair groupings
  • Image-guided robotic alignment, which allows for more consistent grafting
  • The use of minimally invasive punch techniques (the patented blunt dissection technique)
  • More limited use of suction/vacuum procedures, allowing for greater protection against dry out
  • No use of scalpels or stitches
  • A fast recovery time
  • A virtually pain-free treatment
  • A procedure that does not require strong medications after treatment
  • Minimal scarring that is less noticeable (no linear scarring)

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