ARTAS® Recipient Hair Donor Site Making

Hair Donor Site Identification With ARTAS®

ARTAS Hair Transplant RobotThe ARTAS® Robotic Hair Restoration System

What happens to the hair that you currently have within your transplanted area?

In a word, nothing. ARTAS® Artificial Intelligence algorithms avoid damaging your existing, healthy hair. The ARTAS® Robotic System enables your surgeon to place new hair in the areas that are currently thinning while protecting that existing, healthy hair, resulting in restored thickness and hair volume that looks and feels natural.

How does your physician identify optimal locations for the new hair to get the best results?

Your personal recipient site pattern is designed by our board-certified surgeon, Dr. Baiju Gohil, using the ARTAS® Hair Studio technology. Physician-controlled hair angles, hair density, hair distribution, and hair direction parameters provide a more natural-looking result. The design is then transferred to the ARTAS® System for Recipient Site Making.

How does ARTAS® Recipient Site Making work?

Your surgeon draws a hairline along with additional markings onto the scalp to mark the areas where hair will be transplanted. Photographs are then taken of your soon-to-be transplanted area. Then, using the ARTAS® Hair Studio software, the images and marks are converted into a digital 3-D model your surgeon will use.

ARTAS® Recipient Site Making from RHRLI

Your surgeon will use the software to specify the hair direction, elevation, site depth, average density, and the total number of recipient site incisions within your transplant area. Your surgeon can then use the software to create variations in the site spacing and easily modify the density in different parts of the scalp.

ARTAS® Recipient Site Making Simulation from RHRLI

The ARTAS® FUE hair transplant robot automatically uses image-guided technology to avoid healthy, existing hairs specified by your surgeon. The robot allows your surgeon to create sites throughout the areas of the scalp that are bald or where the hair is miniaturized.

ARTAS® Recipient from RHRLI

Being able to create a new distribution of hair to complement the healthy, existing hair is an important feature of the ARTAS® system that allows your surgeon to create optimal results. The entire hair restoration process only takes one day. You can return to work and normal activities the next day with just one follow-up visit with your surgeon and then enjoy the great results.

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