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Prior methods of surgical hair restoration, such as hair plugs, were painful. Even worse, the results didn’t look natural. Thanks to medical advances, hair restoration today is a minimally invasive procedure that creates real, natural-looking results using your own hair follicles.

Treating male and female pattern baldness with hair restoration is more convenient instead of using fake hairpieces or risking the side effects of prescription treatments, which have varying results. At Robotic Hair Restoration of Long Island, you can discover the benefits of modern hair restoration, which provides reliable results with minimal discomfort and quicker recovery times than the procedures of the past.

The Evolution of Follicle Unit Excision (FUE)

Stories of outdated “strip” procedures for hair loss may discourage people from seeking treatment, especially after hearing about the pain and long recovery. Fortunately, the modern technique, Follicle Unit Excision (FUE), solves these problems by removing hair units one follicle at a time instead of the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) process of taking a large strip that leaves an unsightly scar.

At Robotic Hair Restoration of Long Island, we use the most advanced hair technology – robotic FUE hair transplants are performed using the ARTAS® robotic hair transplant system. Because our surgeon uses ARTAS®, the procedure is done with extreme precision that allows for a faster recovery time and minimal patient discomfort.

ARTAS® Robotic FUE Hair Transplant Procedure is Effective for Hair Restoration

While other hair clinics use the Neograft device for FUE procedures we chose the ARTAS® system for its highly advanced computerized robotic technologies which create beautiful results. Once everything heals, newcomers will have no idea you had it done because it looks so natural. Below are the many advantages of robotic FUE, which you can learn more about at our Long Island and Manhattan offices.

Advantages of ARTAS® Over Other Hair Restoration Procedures

  • Even Harvest Distribution

    The ARTAS® system identifies the best, most viable donor follicles to optimize growth in the recipient areas and improve the overall appearance. The increased accuracy due to the precision our surgeon can achieve with the robotic arm ensures the best results possible in all aspects of the procedure.

  • Minimal to No Scarring

    FUE with ARTAS® leaves virtually no scarring and requires no stitches, unlike FUT, which leaves large scars behind and sometimes causes a “tight scalp” condition. The minimally invasive approach of FUE with ARTAS® allows patients to get back to their normal activities right away.

  • Optimal Patient Comfort

    Because ARTAS® uses a precision target, specialized punch technique with minimal suction, donor areas are protected from unnecessary effects so the treatment process is virtually pain-free with just minor swelling and discomfort. With the ARTAS® system, patients typically do not need any pain medication after treatment.

RHRLI’s Hair Restoration Services

    • Hair Restoration For Men

      Two-thirds of the male population suffers from androgenetic alopecia, also known as male pattern baldness, as well as other forms of hair loss. At RHRLI, we provide permanent, natural-looking solutions for hair loss using the ARTAS® Robotic Hair Transplant procedure, which provides numerous benefits over prior and competing hair transplant techniques.

    • Hair Restoration For Women

      Women experience hair loss or thinning too, and our surgeon has treatment options. With a minimally invasive Follicle Unit Excision procedure we can help you achieve full, healthy hair again.

RHRLI’s Safer and Permanent Solution to Hair Loss

If you have been looking for a hair restoration option but were unhappy about stories associated with older FUT “hair plug” procedures, talk to Robotic Hair Restoration of Long Island to discuss modern treatment options. Please fill out our contact form or call us at (516) 218-1876 to schedule a free initial consultation at our office. With offices in both Manhattan and Long Island, we can arrange a convenient consultation time for you.