Family Hair Restoration Story – Michael (Father)and Michael Joseph (Son)

Michael Petroglia’s Hair Restoration Story

RHRLI’s Patient Advisor

Michael after hair restoration
Michael Petroglia plays a very important role as our Patient Advisor here at Robotic Hair Restoration of Long Island. Many people ask him how he ended up involved in the field of hair loss treatment. Believe it or not, in 2003, Michael was a patient himself. Michael was so satisfied with his full head of hair and new self-confidence, that he became heavily involved in the hair restoration industry. Michael started his career at a company called Medical Hair Restoration in 2003. After 8 years there, Bosley Medical purchased MHR. From 2011 -2014, Michael worked at Anapelli Hair Clinic in NYC as a hair restoration consultant. In 2015, with 12 years of experience in the industry, Michael joined forces with Dr. Baiju Gohil, and opened up Robotic Hair Restoration of Long Island, featuring the ARTAS Robot; the newest technology in the hair restoration industry. His title at RHRLI is the Director of Patient Education, and he works as an educator and advisor to those interested in the details of the procedure, so that they can make an educated decision before moving forward with a hair restoration procedure.

As Michael says, it all started in 2002…

Michael’s Story – Finding Treatment for Hair Loss

“My hair restoration story starts back in 2002. I was a Store Director for a very high-end retail jewelry store in South Florida. What I remember mostly back then, is that the last thought I had every morning as I left my house, was the bald guy in the mirror! And it drove me crazy.

Regardless of how I dressed; fine suits, shirts, and ties, I could never get around the fact that not having a hairline really bothered me. It made me very self-conscious, especially while in the store, as the bright lights from above enhanced the jewelry in the showcases, it always seemed to bounce off my head first. LOL

At that point, I sought out all my options. Shave my head, entertain a hairpiece, or have a hair transplant procedure. The first two options weren’t even a thought. I would look terrible with a shaved head, and wearing a glorified wig taped and glued to my head horrified me. So my only option was a hair transplant procedure.

After careful research and many questions, I underwent a hair transplant procedure in 2002 at Medical Hair Restoration One year later, I was so happy with the results, I ended up working for the company that performed my procedure and I have been in the hair transplant industry ever since. I love it, and I have an extreme passion for it.

My final results were based on multiple procedures, totaling over 4000 grafts. The procedures I had were the FUT (strip) method procedures, and unfortunately, I have a long linear scar going across the back of my head, which prevents me from wearing my hair short; fades are not an option. It was a painful procedure, to say the least, but that was the only type of hair transplant procedure being offered at the time, so I had no choice, and I never for a minute, regretted having the procedures. My result speaks for itself!

The advent of the FUE procedure has now given perspective clients options in the type of procedure they want. There are different types of “manual” FUE procedures, and then there is the FUE procedure performed by the “ARTAS®” Robot.

The “ARTAS®” Robot is incredibly accurate, more precise, and most importantly, it never gets tired. It removes the follicles evenly across the donor area. It has taken the human “fatigue” factor out of the equation. It is a “Game Changer” within the hair transplant industry.

There are approximately 175 robots internationally, and 186 in the US. The ARTAS Robot was introduced in 2005 internationally and brought to this country in 2007. After five years of going through an FDA Study, the “ARTAS®” Robot was approved by the FDA, and released for sale in the US in late 2011.

Robotic Hair Restoration of Long Island is the first facility on Long Island, that offers the “ARTAS®” Robot. We are extremely proud to bring this new technology to Long Island and provide prospective patients with the best technology available within the hair transplant industry.

The hair transplant industry is here to stay, and every year, there are double-digit increases in the amount of procedures that are being performed here in the US. I am so happy to be part of this amazing life-changing industry.”

Michael’s Son’s (Michael) Hair Restoration Story

Michael’s son, Michael Joseph, saw firsthand the incredible results that his father achieved as his hair started fully growing in the areas that were bare or thinning. Soon enough, his father had a full head of hair again. Michael Joseph was recently engaged, but there was one problem. His hair was now thinning as well. He had his father’s genes. After inquiring more about the procedure and the ARTAS® Robot, Michael J. learned everything about the surgery and the experience from his father. He mentioned to Michael J. how there are no staples, no stitches, no sutures, and virtually no pain. Another important bit of information he added was that post-op recovery time from the hair restoration procedure is extremely short. He even said he sees plenty of people go back to work in a day or two.

Michael Jr. Before Hair Transplant
Michael Jr. After Hair Restoration
Michael Jr. Wedding Day
Michael and Michael Jr. After

Your Wedding Photos Are Forever

It was important to him that he have a strong natural hairline for all his wedding photos because he knew these photos are forever, and he also didn’t want his future kids asking why he was half bald when he got married. Those wedding photos are forever and you want to look your best; especially years from now when you’re looking back at those times.