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Castor oil and hair loss

Castor Oil And Hair Loss

Whether we think we’re starting to suffer from hair thinning or not, many of us are conscious about how we handle our hair. We try to consider how often we wash our hair, the kind of shampoo we use when we do – as well as other hair products – and how they will affect our overall hair health. Other
Is there an evolutionary benefit to being bald?

Is There an Evolutionary Benefit to Being Bald?

Since the beginning of recorded history, thinning hair has been a concern for our species. The specter of hair loss is a familiar one to most people since the overwhelming majority experience some variety of it over the course of their lives. Is it possible that there is an evolutionary justification for it?
How the immune system impacts hair growth

How The Immune System Impacts Hair Growth

The human body, despite all the time and energy that has gone into researching it for millennia, is still a mystery in many regards. In fact, we’re still finding out new information about how our bodies operate. For example, we know that most people will experience some form of hair thinning or loss in their lives… but we don’t understand
Is Holiday Hair Loss Real?

Is Holiday Hair Loss Real?

Seasonal hair loss is so common that even Martha Stewart has written about it. But, while it may seem like it’s tied to the holidays, the stress of seeing family and getting everything done is not as much to blame as you might think. In fact, the changing season is the biggest culprit in your seasonal hair loss – at
Myths About Hair Restoration

7 Myths About Hair Restoration

There are as many rumors and myths about hair restoration as there are stars in the sky. The constellation known as Coma Berenices is said to have been placed there by the goddess Aphrodite as a sign showing that the offering of Queen Berenice II of Egypt’s beautiful hair was accepted. While most rumors aren’t as grand as starry locks,
Is an itchy scalp an indication of hair loss?

Is An Itchy Scalp An Indication Of Hair Loss?

Many of us have had to deal with an itchy scalp here and there. Sometimes it’s the result of dry skin from things outside of our control, like the weather. Other times it could be the result of dandruff, an allergic reaction, or other medical issues. When we experience an itchy scalp, we may find ourselves literally scratching our heads
reishi mushrooms and hair growth

Reishi Mushrooms and Hair Growth

Reishi mushroom [ganoderma lucidum] has long been used in Eastern medicine to boost the immune system, increase stamina, lower cholesterol, and treat urinary disorders. Now, thanks to the internet’s broad reach, this kidney-shaped fungus is becoming a popular Western nutritional supplement – with the additional claim that it may also help your hair grow. But do mushrooms really promote hair
Is nationality linked to hair loss?

Is Nationality Linked To Hair Loss?

Hair thinning and loss is an unfortunate reality for most of us. The vast majority of men – and  nearly half of all women – will have experienced hair loss by the time they reach their senior years. Since hair loss affects many (but not all) people, it has continuously inspired people to ask why that is and try to
What's the best eyebrow shape for each face shape

What’s the Best Eyebrow Shape for Each Face Shape?

Eyebrows and how to care for them is a hotly debated beauty topic. Should you pluck or thread? Thick or thin? Arched or flat? The truth of the matter is there is no one-size-fits-all answer, and the best way to determine how to shape your eyebrows is to start by looking at the shape of your face.
Preparing for your consultation

Preparing for Your Consultation

Coming to terms with the fact that you’re losing your hair is never easy but, when you do, the question is often… “What do I do next?” For some people, the plan is to ignore it or just let it happen. But you do have options! And, if you decide to talk to a hair restoration specialist, that can lead