Use Your Tax Refund to Pay For Hair Restoration

man with receding hairline gets his tax returnsIf you’re like many taxpayers expecting a refund after you file your 2019 taxes, you’ve got a few choices about what to do with your potential income tax refund. Many of our clients use their tax refund check for their ARTAS® hair restoration procedure.

If you’re considering spending your tax refund on hair restoration services, here are some important items to consider:

Planning Your Hair Restoration Cost

At RHRLI, we provide itemized receipts and full hair restoration pricing estimates during your consultation. This way, you’ll know how much your tax refund will cover and what sort of financial arrangements you may need to make to cover the rest of the expenses. Concerned about the cost of hair restoration? We understand and when you schedule your free consultation with us, we’ll go over the expectations and suggest other possible funding methods if needed.

Whether your tax refund covers the hair restoration cost or you still need some help closing the gap, we’re here to help you understand the pricing and your options.

Hair Restoration Cost: Why We Can’t Give Pricing Before Consultations

All ARTAS® Procedure costs vary depending upon the amount of hair we need to transplant, so a consultation is necessary to provide a firm cost. By the way: don’t worry about the consultation cost. Our consultations are free. Why not get started while you’re waiting on that refund check?

Winter is the Ideal Time for a New Hair Routine

Many people enjoy using winter as a hair style transitional phase. Whether it involves getting used to a new haircut, changing its color, or changing your style, winter is the time to make those changes happen before a spring debut.

Additionally, winter hair care habits to prevent further hair loss can set you on the right path. If you’re at all self-conscious about what’s going on with your hair, winter is the most socially acceptable and expected time to work on a solution.

Many patients also find that it’s easier to take time off for hair transplant surgery in the winter, as they are not competing with coworkers for popular summertime vacation dates. If you have to worry about your employer’s schedule, it might be a bit easier to work with this time of year. Plus, the end of winter is still a time to wear a hat around without questions asked. Additionally, due to the precision of the ARTAS® Robot, recovery time is faster than with other types of hair restoration procedures.

Look Your Best for Spring and Summer

New hair growth, as part of our hair restoration process, is gradual. Most clients experience restorative, noticeable hair growth within six months. That means now is the time to act if you want to feel confident and look your best this summer. Our procedure includes minimal pain, and we complete it using a local anesthetic.

Get a Free Consult at Robotic Hair Restoration of Long Island

From start to finish, our team is ready to help you look your best. Consider investing in yourself by using your tax refund to pay for hair restoration this year. Forget about “new year, new you” and get back to looking like yourself again. Contact us today to begin your hair restoration journey with a free consultation!

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