Give Yourself The Gift Of Hair Restoration This Holiday Season

Man with fue hair transplant during the holiday seasonIf you’ve been thinking about addressing your hair loss, the holiday season is the perfect time to give yourself the gift of hair restoration with ARTAS®. If you take care of it now, and you’ll have drastically improved results by summer.

FUE hair transplants using the ARTAS® robot minimizes discomfort and has a fast recovery time so it won’t disturb your holiday plans. In the meantime, the newly transplanted hair follicles will have time to grow out just in time for summer!

Winter is The Best Time for ARTAS® Hair Transplants

Technically, any time of year is appropriate for the ARTAS® hair restoration procedure because the recovery period is so quick and easy. However, many patients choose to have it done in the winter because they don’t want to disrupt summer plans and activities. They’re also more prone to wearing hats in winter, which makes some people feel more confident during the transition phase from when the transplant was performed, to when the new hair growth becomes more pronounced.

By using the ARTAS® robot, we’ve able to get the best results at RHRLI with over 400 successful hair restoration procedures. That includes a shorter recovery time than with other procedures. Our clients can return to normal activities in just a few days (often as little as 1-2 days) so any time of year is right to restore your hairline.

Your Hair Transplant Procedure & What to Expect

Due to the precision of the ARTAS® robot, FUE hair restoration here at RHRLI is safe, effective, and permanent. It’s also far more comfortable and natural-looking than strip procedures and old-fashioned hair plugs. Those processes also leave telltale signs of surgery like stitches and sutures. Whereas FUE hair transplants with ARTAS® do not involve or result in these unsightly marks.

Before the procedure, we’ll give you instructions on how your hair should be cut. Trimming your hair beforehand allows us to more accurately target and harvest donor hairs for the transplant.

We only treat one client at a time and only one client per day so you’ll have our undivided attention. We even serve lunch. The full process takes 4-8 hours, depending upon the number of grafts needed to restore a natural look to your hair.

After the procedure, you’ll experience minimal discomfort. At worst, Tylenol/acetaminophen should handle it sufficiently. Generally, normal activities can be resumed in one to two days. Then, you simply have to wait for normal hair growth in the newly transplanted areas. That tends to start being noticeable after about three months. After about six months, people you’ve just met will never believe you had a hair loss problem – it looks that natural because it is that natural. It’s your own real hair that grows and it will continue to grow.

So if you’ve been considering learning more about the most reliable, cutting edge, comfortable hair restoration procedure, FUE with ARTAS® at RHRLI is the best solution. Have it done now so the new you will be ready for summer or try it any time that’s convenient for your schedule and lifestyle.

For Customized Hair Loss Treatment Contact RHRLI

RHRLI is the premier center for robotic hair restoration. We’re the first ARTAS® hair restoration practitioner on Long Island and have performed more than 400 hair restoration procedures. We’ll evaluate your hair loss and determine what treatment option is right for you. Contact RHRLI today.

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