RHRLI Supports No-Shave November

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At RHRLI, we’ve dedicated our practice to helping patients grow hair, even when it’s difficult. This month, we’re asking you to help cancer patients by growing your hair. It’s time for No-Shave November, an annual nationwide event, that raises funds and awareness for cancer and men’s health. The idea can be summed up in one sentence: Put the razor away for a month.

Participants in No-Shave November will give up shaving and grooming this month but will help bring in money for cancer research. RHRLI is proud to offer patients a permanent solution to hair loss and we’d love to help researchers find a permanent cure for cancer.

RHRLI Can Help With Facial Hair Growth

RHRLI’s permanent solution to hair loss is called the ARTAS® System, and it uses a robotic arm to find healthy donor hair and transfers them to where they’re needed. In addition to the ARTAS® procedure, RHRLI can give you a boost for future No-Shave Novembers. We also offer beard transplants. In a procedure that’s similar to ARTAS®, your doctor, Baiju Gohil, will find healthy donor hairs, usually in the back of your head, and transfer them to your beard area. You can lose your “baby face” and have the full beard you want. And November is a good month to have a full beard. Here’s why.

The Growth of No-Shave November

According to the No-Shave November website, the fundraiser was started to honor the memory of Matthew Hill, who succumbed to colon cancer in November 2007. Hill was the father of eight children, who’ve been carrying the torch for his memory since 2009 when his eldest daughter Rebecca Hill, started No-Shave November.

“A lot of cancer patients undergo chemo and they lose hair. So we grow our hair for those that are losing it,” another daughter, Christine Hill, told the Today Show. “And then, the money that you would have spent on hair removal is donated to the cause.”

In the nine years since the non profit organization was founded, interest and participation in No-Shave November has grown exponentially, according to organizers. It’s become a nationwide event and donors have donated the cost of what they would have paid grooming. This can range from a few dollars for some razors to $100 for salon visits. To date, over $2 million has been raised to fight colorectal cancer. In addition, 2018 funds will also go to the Prevent Cancer Foundation and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. No Shave November has set up ways to participate, and set up groups and teams. Or you can just donate to the causes. RHRLI hopes you join in the effort and wishes you happy hair growth!

RHRLI Offers Minimally Invasive Hair Transplants

If you’re concerned about your hair growth, RHRLI can help. ARTAS® is a robotic Follicular Unit Excision procedure that’s minimally invasive. Unlike other procedures like “strip surgery” that use scalpels and sutures, ARTAS®, is minimally invasive. It won’t leave major scarring. Most patients report little pain and can resume normal activity in just a few days. To learn more, contact us today.

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