Everything You Need to Know About ARTAS®

ARTAS® Robotic Hair Restoration SystemLosing your hair can be overwhelming at times. It’s difficult because hair is connected to youth, physical appearance, and self-esteem. If the negative feelings that hair loss brings up aren’t enough of a problem, considering what to do about it can be just as stressful. Everywhere you look, it seems like someone is touting a treatment or cure for thinning hair so it’s hard to sort through what’s effective and what isn’t.

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Historical Figures and Hair Loss

 historical statueIf you took a high school history class, you may have thought that every important event involved middle aged to elderly men who were all losing their hair. Well, men with thinning hair don’t have a monopoly on history, but many leaders in politics, the arts, and sciences did have thinning hair. Many probably longed for solutions to their hair loss. It’s unfortunate that RHRLI didn’t exist centuries ago because we have a permanent solution to hair loss that will give you a healthy head of hair using a minimally invasive procedure.

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Hair Loss and Self Confidence

Hair Loss and Self Confidence

It’s one of the top reasons that patients come to Robotic Hair Restoration of Long Island. Hair loss brings up difficult feelings for those who suffer from it. Thinning hair can affect your self confidence and the research bears this out. According to a study of men in five European countries, over 70 percent of men reported that hair is an important feature of image, while 62 percent of men said that hair loss can affect self esteem or self confidence. At RHRLI, we know there’s a strong connection between hair loss and self-image, which is why we offer a revolutionary minimally invasive permanent solution for your hair loss.

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The Evolution of Your Hair Loss

The Evolution of Your Hair Loss

If you’re losing your hair, it’s quite possible that you may have looked at yourself in the mirror and asked, “How did I get to this point?” Hair loss is something that happens slowly and progressively. You see the results in front of you, but you may be wondering whether your progression is normal and how and why people lose their hair in the first place. At RHRLI, we make it a point to spend time with our patients so they understand their hair loss and treatment and we also have the best permanent solution available. We want to tell you about this solution and about the evolution of your hair loss.

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How Can You Get Started on Reversing Hair Loss?

Bald spot starting?

If you’ve been losing your hair, there’s a good chance that you’ve worried about what you want to do about it. You’ve probably heard about the many treatment options out there from medications to surgical procedures which involve scalpels and stitches. You may be confused and you might even be upset. There’s a lot noise out there, but RHRLI wants you to know we have a minimally invasive, permanent solution to hair loss called the ARTAS® System. [Read more…] about How Can You Get Started on Reversing Hair Loss?

A Look at RHRLI’s Robotic Technology

Robotic Arm Hair Restoration

Technology changes our lives in so many different ways. It allows us to communicate better, it can make employees more productive at the workplace. We see technology touch almost every part of our day in almost every walk of life. One area it’s made a huge difference is in the field of medicine. Technology saves lives and helps patients live better, more fulfilling lives. We certainly see evidence of this every day at RHRLI. [Read more…] about A Look at RHRLI’s Robotic Technology

How FUE is Different From FUT

Baldness, Thinning, and Hair Transplants.

If you’re looking for a solution to your hair loss or thinning hair, you’ve probably heard about a number of different treatments and procedures. There’s so much out there it likely seems confusing. Hair transplants in particular can leave your head spinning and you may have heard about two types of hair transplants with similar sounding names and initials. They are Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). These two procedures may sound alike, but they’re actually very different.

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The Advantage of Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally invasive and natural looking hair restoration.

Patients looking for a permanent solution to hair loss and thinning hair are very often focused on results, but not necessarily the best results. Hair loss is difficult and can affect things such as self esteem. Very often patients look at some types of transplants as something they want right away without considering all the options.

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Hair Transplants Are Not Just For The Rich and Famous

Hair Transplants for Men and Women by Robotic Hair Restoration Long Island

It’s a popular topic on gossip and entertainment news sites: Which big star might be losing his or her hair and which celebrities may have received hair transplantsWeb sites such as Buzzfeed post before and after photosof celebrities they’ve suspected of having transplant procedures. British tabloids publish stories about the latest star to have a transplant. We hear speculation that A-listers like Matthew McConaughey, John Travolta, and Kim Kardashian may have received hair transplants. News involving the rich and famous almost always build an audience, and paparazzi photos pick up every change in a celebrity’s appearance. [Read more…] about Hair Transplants Are Not Just For The Rich and Famous

Coronavirus Safety

We at RHRLI have decided to do our part to help slow the spread of coronavirus/COVID-19 by briefly closing our office.
We are still available to answer questions. We are also doing complimentary phone and virtual consultations.
None of our patients or staff team have had any symptoms nor have they tested positive. We will reopen sometime in May, depending upon circumstances at that time.
We appreciate your understanding and look forward to helping you achieve your hair restoration goals for the upcoming summer!