Is It Ever Too Late for Hair Restoration?

Hair Line of RHRLI Patient
Pretty much one of the first questions a person dealing with hair loss asks is – do I have enough hair to even get a hair transplant? Unfortunately, hair loss can happen for many reasons, which means the answer can vary.

On the plus side, quite often what the average person thinks is “not enough hair” is actually a sufficient amount to when using a hair transplant technique like Follicular Unit Excision (FUE). This is especially true when the surgeon uses a robot hair restoration system such as ARTAS® to precisely select and transplant individual hair follicles. That’s why a free consultation with a hair restoration expert like Dr. Baiju Gohil is essential to determine the type of hair loss you have and whether you are a good candidate for a hair transplant procedure.

What Is the Most Common Type of Hair Loss?

Hair loss can happen for many reasons from stress, nutrition, tight hairstyles, chemotherapy, etc. The most common form, also known as male (or female) pattern baldness is androgenetic alopecia. This condition is related to androgen hormones, especially one called dihydrotestosterone. Increased levels of these hormones create a shorter hair growth cycle with thinner and shorter strands of hair. Additionally, it gradually takes longer for new hair to form and replace the shed strands. Researchers believe other factors could also impact androgenetic alopecia but none have been definitively determined.

Can You Have Too Little Hair for a Transplant?

Volume is only one factor in donor site evaluations for hair transplant procedures. Good donor hair is also about the quality and type of hair. Generally, androgenetic alopecia in men manifests either on the top of the head with hair becoming very fine and pale, or the loss of hair on the top of the head while the back and sides remain. That remaining hair on the sides and back can be perfectly fine for transplants, but it requires a professional evaluation to be sure.

In short, while it is possible to have too little hair for hair restoration, it’s also more likely that you’ll be a better candidate than you think.

A free consultation with our surgeon, Dr. Gohil, will determine if you have enough and the right type of donor hair.

RHRLI Offers the Most Modern Hair Restoration

If you’re considering hair restoration treatment, RHRLI is the premier facility on Long Island and in New York City. Dr. Baiju Gohil is a board-certified hair restoration surgeon with many years of experience using state-of-the-art hair restoration techniques to create the hairline you want. In fact, Dr. Gohil has performed over 400 successful hair transplant procedures. With a free consultation and hair analysis, Dr. Gohil will evaluate your hair loss and determine whether you’re a good candidate for an ARTAS® hair transplant procedure. Contact RHRLI today to get your free consultation.

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