Post-Treatment Hair Growth Expectations

How Do You Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

post-op hair growth
Everybody is different, and post-ARTAS® transplant procedure, hair regrowth does not involve any serious shortcuts. Harsh hair care products definitely won’t help you grow your hair faster. Hair treatment products containing sulfates should be avoided as they are harsh on your scalp and hair alike. Even cheaper and lower quality shampoos often utilize sulfates so make sure you read the bottle carefully before you apply shampoo next time. In fact, you’re going to want to use baby shampoo for the first week of recovery.
You should avoid using shampoo every time you shower as well;
every other time is sufficient.

Making sure you have enough iron in your diet will help though. Iron is what gets your blood to utilize oxygen more efficiently, which is what helps you heal faster in general but especially, post-surgery/post-op. You’ll want to make sure you’re eating things like tofu, cashew nuts, lentils, or possibly taking iron supplements if your diet wouldn’t otherwise allow you to have enough iron over the course of the day.

What Actually Helps Hair Growth?

Unfortunately, no one thing is guaranteed to speed up your hair growth; it’s a lot of little things you can do. And since genetics and hormone levels are a factor, some things you could do might help other people more, some less.

As you can imagine, the health of your scalp is a considerable factor. That’s why it takes time before the full effects of the surgery are evident. Your scalp fully healed and healthy is key. A healthy diet, in general, is going to be important as well. Beyond iron, you’re going to want to make sure you’re getting enough Omega 3’s and vitamin B, C, and D. Foods like fish, nuts, eggs, and berries come to mind. Consider supplements for these as well if your diet is getting you enough.

Beyond avoiding sulfates in your shampoo, you’ll also want to use a conditioner every time you shampoo. Also, consider using a water filter to remove the chlorine from your shower water to reduce the amount of harsh chemicals you expose to it.

How Can I Grow More Hair?

So now your hair is growing and coming in nicely, but you want to help make sure it’s a thick, full head of hair. Part of getting there is making sure you’re avoiding harsh chemicals and getting the nutrients you need as mentioned above, but that’s not all you can do. To get the blood flowing, you should massage your scalp regularly. By massaging your scalp, you’re increasing the blood flow to the area which will, in turn, help your scalp to better nourish your hair. When you massage your scalp in the shower, it’ll help clean off the dead skin cells there.

You’re going to want to brush your hair regularly, too. Brushing your hair isn’t just for making yourself look presentable when you go out; when you brush your hair, you’re helping to more evenly distribute your hairs’ natural oils to improve its health, as well as removing dead hair. You should research which brushes are best before committing to just any brush you may have laying around. You don’t want to irritate or damage your scalp.

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