Hairline Lowering

before and after hairline loweringAs we get older, it’s not uncommon to take a look at ourselves and wonder “why is my hairline so high?” or “is my forehead too big?” For some people, this is a product of a maturing hairline, where your hair recedes slightly in or around middle age and may result in a slightly higher hairline than you’re used to. It can also make your forehead appear larger. Other people are experiencing this as the early signs of more dramatic hair loss.

Why Is My Hairline So High?

The average hairline for a man is 2.4 inches to 3.2 inches from the eyebrows and 2 inches to 2.4 inches for a woman. Anything more than that would give you good reason to feel that your hairline may be too high and give you the appearance of a larger forehead.

Many factors could be involved as to why you have a higher hairline or why your forehead appears larger. Outside of a maturing hairline, you may be suffering from male or female pattern baldness. It could also be a genetic factor that has been prevalent your whole life which you weren’t too sure how to change.

Can Your Hairline Be Brought Forward?

It absolutely can. The old procedure involved a large incision around the hairline to stretch the scalp down lower, thereby lowering your hairline. Similar to FUT hair transplants, it does leave a long scar across the hairline lowering with the intention that your hair will mostly cover the scarred area.

The ARTAS® System provides a better alternative. Because individual hair follicles are transplanted, a new hairline can be constructed, bringing it lower without a large scar.

Is Hairline Lowering Dangerous?

Like any surgical procedure, potential dangers from complications are a possibility. While those risks are low, they should always be considered.

With the traditional procedure, you also run the risk of decreased mobility in your face around that area similar to Botox, especially if you have had more procedures done in or around the area like a brow lift. If you are a man and you believe you’re experiencing male pattern baldness that seems to be only increasing with time, then this procedure will likely not benefit you in the long term and you will need to have one or more additional procedures done down the road.

Does Insurance Cover Hairline Lowering?

A procedure like this is usually considered cosmetic elective surgery and would not normally be covered by insurance. Exceptions are possible if it’s related to plastic surgery as part of a burn or accident recovery.

Learn More About Hairline Lowering Options At RHRLI

RHRLI offers less invasive surgical options like FUE hair transplants with the ARTAS® System. Using precise robotic technology, we can help you achieve the youthful hairline you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation and start your journey towards a youthful hairline today.

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