Pattern Baldness

Do I Need a Hair Transplant?

Are you noticing thinning hair?

You see the signs every time you look in the mirror. You’re losing your hair.  While we all lose hair as part of the natural hair growth cycle, if your hair loss is becoming noticeable, it could mean you may benefit from a hair transplant. Your hair loss may be farther along and you could already know that a hair transplant is a strong possibility.  If you’re thinking you might want a hair transplant, you need information about what lies ahead. RHRLI wants to give you that information and wants to tell you about our hair transplant that can be a permanent solution to your hair loss.

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Hair Loss and Aging

How does aging affect hair loss?

There’s one thing common to all of humanity. Every single one of us is aging. Some of us show the signs of advanced aging sooner than others, some of us look remarkably young even as the birthday cake candles start crowding out the icing. But what about the relationship between aging and hair loss? Many people are concerned about losing hair as they grow older, and they want to know how much aging plays into this. At RHRLI, we know our patients want to know as much as they can about what causes hair loss. [Read more…] about Hair Loss and Aging

Too Young for a Hair Transplant?

How young is too young for a hair transplant?It’s often frustrating to be young and also be losing your hair. It can be a particularly difficult time to deal with the self-confidence issues and the psychological effects of hair loss when you’re in your 20s or 30s. Some patients even begin to lose their hair when they’re in their teens. [Read more…] about Too Young for a Hair Transplant?

The Connection Between Testosterone and Hair Loss

The Connection Between Testosterone and Hair Loss

You’ve probably read or heard a lot about the causes of hair loss and thinning hair or what factors may play into those causes. One topic much discussed in connection with hair loss is testosterone.  You might have heard that this hormone directly causes hair loss, while you also may have heard the connection is not so clear. [Read more…] about The Connection Between Testosterone and Hair Loss

What is DHT?

Middle aged man checks his receding hairline in the mirror.

It’s a very big word for something that can lead to a very big problem. Because it’s a word that comes up often in the discussion of hair loss. Usually, dihydrotestosterone is shortened to the three letter abbreviation DHT. It’s a male hormone that’s believed to play an important role in causing hair loss. If you’re seeking a permanent solution to thinning hair or hair loss, there’s a very good chance you’ve heard of DHT. But you may be wondering what it is and how it is connected to the science of hair loss. [Read more…] about What is DHT?

The Connection Between Hats and Hair Loss?

Connection Between Hats and Hair Loss from RHRLI

You’ve probably heard a number of theories about what the causes of hair loss are. Some of them are true and based on science and others are based on myths passed down for years. One of the most common theories about hair loss that you’ve likely heard is that there’s a connection between wearing hats and losing your hair. You may have also heard variations of the theory, such as the possibility that wearing your hat too tight may trigger hair loss. RHRLI wants to help you sort out the facts and the fiction related to hair loss and thinning hair. We’re experts in the field and if you’re looking for a permanent solution for your hair loss we can help. We’re the only hair loss treatment center on Long Island that has the ARTAS® System, a state-of-the-art robotic hair transplant system that can give a healthier head of hair. [Read more…] about The Connection Between Hats and Hair Loss?

What is Anagen Effluvium?

Anagen Effluvium from Robotic Hair Restoration of Long Island

People lose their hair for many reasons. The most common reason is androgenetic alopecia, which is known by most people as male or female pattern hair loss. It is a condition that takes place over time with hair loss forming in the crown or temple area for men and in the front area of the scalp for women. Another major cause of hair loss is called effluvium, which is a condition where hair usually sheds more quickly. The most common form is telogen effluvium, which occurs during a point in the hair growth cycle when hair tends not to grow. Another type of effluvium called anagen effluvium occurs when hair is in its growth stage. RHRLI wants you to know about this condition and if you’re looking for a permanent solution to hair loss or thinning hair, we can help. We’re the only hair loss treatment center on Long Island that has the ARTAS® Robotic Hair Transplant System.

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What Causes Male Pattern Hair Loss?

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It’s a condition that affects about 50 million men, and 30 million women in the US, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). More than 50 percent of men over the age of 50 experience it. It sometimes goes by the scientific name androgenetic alopecia, but most people know it as either male or female pattern baldness or male pattern hair loss. Those affected by hair loss can become concerned about their appearance and even develop self-esteem issues. RHRLI would like you to understand the causes, symptoms, and science behind male pattern hair loss, so you’ll be better prepared to consider your treatment options like our state of the art robotic hair transplant system.

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Steps To Take To Reduce Hair Loss

P022Genetics play a strong role in female and male pattern baldness; however, it’s not the only possible cause of hair loss. Some people develop balding or thinning hair because of underlying medical conditions, nutritional deficiencies, or sometimes aggressive hair care techniques. Although addressing these issues by leading a healthy lifestyle may reduce the likelihood of hair loss for some people, many benefit most with a hair transplant. [Read more…] about Steps To Take To Reduce Hair Loss

Causes Of Hair Loss In Young Men

male patterned baldnessBalding or thinning hair is generally thought of as a problem that primarily affects men after the age of 40. This may be why it can be quite shocking for young men to suddenly notice hair loss. In young men, hair loss can be very emotionally challenging. Sometimes, this hair loss is temporary, such as when it occurs as a result of significant stress. However, it’s generally advisable for young men with sudden hair loss to visit a physician at a hair restoration clinic. The physician can try to determine the underlying cause of the problem and the appropriate treatment recommendations. [Read more…] about Causes Of Hair Loss In Young Men