What Is Tinea Capitis?

man with tinea capitisTinea Capitis is better known as ringworm; specifically of the scalp. As you may know, ringworm is not a worm but rather a topical fungal infection. It causes patches of scaly, itchy skin to pop up across your scalp which damages your hair follicles and causes bald spots. While Tinea Capitis mostly affects children, as a highly contagious fungal infection it can spread to adults and even house pets.

How Do You Get Tinea Capitis?

Unfortunately, because of its highly contagious nature, being infected with Tinea Capitis is all too common and happens all too easily. Ringworm thrives in highly populated areas where there could be a lot of physical contact. So, a school gym or recess are opportunities to spread the infection… especially since Tinea Capitis spreads best on warm, moist skin.

Does Tinea Capitis Go Away?

Tinea Capitis does not go away on its own. If you think you or your child may have ringworm in your scalp, it is important to go to a doctor to confirm if you have it. Because it is so contagious and easily spread, it is especially important for all those around you that you get checked up as well even if you have not yet noticed symptoms.

While hair loss from Tinea Capitis often grows back after timely treatment, the hair loss can be permanent if not treated. If you think you or your child might have Tinea Capitis, do not wait. Get an examination right away.

What Is The Treatment For Tinea Capitis?

woman with tinea capitis
Because of the nature of Tinea Capitis, medical treatment to kill the fungus causing the infection on the scalp is required. Treatments prescribed for Tinea Capitis of the scalp include oral antifungal antibiotics as well as medicated shampoos. Treatment usually takes about six weeks. It is important that all the spores be killed to prevent a relapse. Tinea Capitis can be easily caught again.

Many infections – like Tinea Capitis of the scalp and other similar diseases – can cause or expedite hair loss. Not all hair loss is made equal. In cases like ringworm (where you can end up with random patches of hair loss) you will want to approach repopulating the affected area differently than you might for male pattern baldness.

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