Embarrassment About Hair Loss

Ricki Lake's Hair Loss StoryIt’s common to feel embarrassment about experiencing hair loss; especially for women. While it’s not as commonly talked about, up to half of all women will experience some form of hair loss during their lifetime. Part of why we don’t hear more about female pattern baldness is because of the lack of high-profile women and female celebrities that are understandably not open about their experiences with it.

What’s Going on With Ricki Lake?

At the beginning of the year, actress and talk show host Ricki Lake came forward about her experiences with hair loss in a touching Instagram post. Over the past thirty years, Ricki Lake has experienced hair loss that she hasn’t been able to reverse. It has caused her to experience depression and a heightened sense of loneliness. While wigs have not been a helpful alternative for her, she has managed to use hair extensions as a solution for now.

What Caused Ricki Lake to Lose Hair?

Ricki Lake has identified multiple possible causes for her hair loss including stress, genetics, weight fluctuations, hormone levels, and hair dyes and treatments. This is likely based in part on her own self-diagnosis through her research as well as consulting professionals as she has stated how she’s gone to doctors for supplements and treatments in the past.

What Causes Female Hair Loss?

What causes female alopecia or hair loss could be attributed to the factors that Ricki Lake had mentioned. Hormones are certainly a factor as women are more likely to experience hair thinning after menopause from the change in hormone levels. Traction alopecia from tight hairstyles is also a common factor in female hair loss.

Can Birth Control Cause Hair Loss?

For most women, no, birth control won’t cause hair loss. However, if a woman taking birth control is sensitive to hormonal fluctuations overall, taking birth control could trigger temporary hair loss. This could also be triggered again after stopping birth control.

Can Female Pattern Baldness Be Reversed?

Yes, it can. The professionals at Robotic Hair Restoration Long Island are well equipped to help patients with their female pattern baldness. We not only service Long Island, but much of the New York City area as well. You don’t have to live with the embarrassment of female pattern baldness anymore. Let the professionals at RHRLI help you live a fuller, freer life. Don’t wait, contact us about a free consultation today.

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