Is Homeopathy Effective For Hair Loss?

homeopathy and hair lossSomeone could be experiencing hair loss for one of many reasons. Factors such as stress, a hormonal imbalance, or genetics can all be factors in an individual’s hair loss or thinning.

Many people are looking at natural and organic hair care products to improve the health of their hair, curtail, or potentially even regrow lost hair. So many people, in fact, that it’s reflected in increased sales of such products. Though many people are turning to natural hair care products and approaches to curb hair loss, some wonder if it actually works.

Can Hair Loss Be Stopped Naturally?

Studies show that the risks of hair loss could be reduced through natural means. We all know diet is important to our overall health, for instance, What you may not know is that studies have shown diets with a high amount of raw vegetables and fresh herbs can help reduce the risks of male as well as female pattern baldness. Additionally, protein and Vitamin A can also help.

Yoga can help reduce the risks of stress-related hair loss. Massaging your scalp will help keep your scalp healthy and increase blood flow to the area. Some oils, particularly coconut oil and olive oil, will help protect your hair and decrease breakage. And, of course, regular washing with a mild shampoo will help to keep your hair healthy and strong as well.

Which Homeopathic Medicines Work For Hair Regrowth?

There are multiple natural supplements that people have used to help promote hair regrowth. Fish oil supplements, specifically for omega-3 fatty acids, have been known to help increase hair density due to the richness in the kinds of oils, antioxidants, and proteins in them. Aloe vera not only promotes scalp health, but it can unclog hair follicles otherwise blocked from excess oil to help promote hair regrowth. Ginseng supplements are also said to help promote hair follicle stimulation.

Some people swear by the use of homeopathic remedies to deter hair thinning but no studies have confirmed effectiveness. The homeopathic remedies most commonly tried for thinning hair include Silicea, Kalium Carbonicum, Lycopodium, and Arnica Montana, but consulting with someone trained in homeopathy is recommended before trying this.

Many essential oils have been shown to promote hair health and regrowth including lemon oil, geranium oil, and rosemary oil. Essential oils are not meant to be applied directly onto the scalp. You’ll be mixing essential oils in shampoo, conditioner, or diluting with water to receive the desired effects. Follow all the instructions closely on any natural supplements you plan on using to help reduce hair loss or regrow hair and make sure you are not allergic to any of the supplements to avoid adverse topical reactions.

Restore Your Hairline With Your Own Natural Hair

Achieving and maintaining the rich, full head of hair you want takes a multi-faceted approach. The professionals at RHRLI utilize the ARTAS® Robotic Hair Restoration System to stimulate hair growth on your scalp with your own natural hair.

Using natural methods and supplements can help promote hair growth after a hair restoration procedure to get your hair where you want it to be faster and keep you focused on promoting your own hair health going forward. Contact us today for a free consultation and get one step closer to the hair you deserve.

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