Hair Treatments After Hair Restoration

Hair Treatments after Hair RestorationIt is perfectly normal to want to style, color or perm your locks after a hair restoration procedure. Hair restoration results in permanent hair growth, so you can resume your regular routine or get creative with a new one… just be sure you are properly healed before using styling products or treatments!

It’s always wise to consult your doctor about which products are safe to use on your new growth – and when – but there are some general guidelines for what you can use at each stage of healing.

How Long After Hair Restoration Can I Return to Normal Hair Product Management?

For the first ten to fourteen days after hair restoration, avoid using anything on your hair or scalp except those products recommended by your doctor to aid in cleaning and healing. You may be tempted to use dandruff shampoo or conditioner for the scaling or scabbing that typically occurs shortly after hair restoration – but these are too harsh and shouldn’t be used for at least two weeks.

After two weeks… you can add conditioner, gel, mousse, and hairspray back into your hair care routine. It is recommended to seek out products with natural, gentle ingredients – at least for a month or two. Healing varies from client to client, so it is always best to check with your doctor before adding any product back into your regimen – and make sure to attend all follow-up appointments so the doctor can monitor your healing.

If you use hair oils (like castor, coconut, or almond oil), you may resume use in the donor area after two weeks. Oils can provide relief from any lingering itching or dryness you might experience. It is advisable to wait at least six weeks before using these products in the recipient area.

After six weeks – or when recipient and donor areas are fully healed – you can resume use of Minoxidil or similar products.

When Can I Color My Hair After a Hair Transplant?

Most hair dyes, bleaches, and peroxides contain chemicals that can irritate your healing scalp and impair new hair grafts. If you wish to color your hair, experts suggest waiting at least six weeks after hair restoration before doing so.

Once your transplanted hair grows out, you can dye it just like you would the rest of your hair. Your doctor or stylist can recommend the gentlest products to achieve your desired result.

Can I Get a Perm After a Hair Transplant?

Yes, you can perm or relax your hair after restoration. The chemicals used in these processes are very harsh though… so be sure you are completely healed, usually at least six weeks after the procedure.

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