Hair Transplant Growth Timeline

hair transplant growth timeline One of the most commonly asked questions we receive about the hair transplant process is “how soon will my new hair grow in?” Hair restoration procedures have completely changed people’s lives, but you need reasonable expectations of the timeline for your new hair growth.

How Long Will It Take My New Hair to Grow?

  • The First Few Days After Your Hair TransplantThe first few days after your hair restoration procedure might involve some discomfort in the transplanted area and less in the donor area. Post-op, the transplant area will have some scabs that will wash away when shampooing as those areas heal.
  • One Week After Your Hair TransplantBy a week after the procedure, any scabs are probably gone by now. The transplant area will likely look like beard stubble.
  • Ten Days After Your Hair TransplantBy around day 10, the grafts are healed enough that they are permanently in place. Scabs are probably completely gone by now, if not earlier. The donor area should look completely normal.
  • Two Weeks After Your Hair TransplantBy the end of the second week, the transplanted hair will begin to shed. This perfectly normal. Hair continually goes through a cycleof growth, shedding, and rest. At this point in the transplant process, the donor hair will shed as it becomes accustomed to the new location.
  • Three Weeks After Your Hair TransplantBy the end of week three, natural shedding will continue. You can now get a normal haircut if desired.
  • One Month After Your Hair TransplantBy the end of one month, your donor hair will enter a resting phase. This is completely normal. You’ll look the same as you did before the procedure. Be patient. The results you want are coming.
  • Two to Five Months After Your Hair TransplantBy two to five months after the procedure, your transplanted hair will start to grow. It will appear very fine at first. This is normal and will change gradually.
  • Six to Nine Months After Your Hair TransplantBy six to nine months after the transplant, the new hair will be obviously growing and becoming thicker. You’ll be able to groom the hair. In some cases, the transplanted hair’s texture may be somewhat different. That will also change with time.
  • One Year After Your Hair TransplantAfter the one-year mark, your overall hairline will be thicker and fuller. Because it came in gradually, people are liable to tell you how great and youthful you look without being able to figure out exactly what changed. After one year, if your hair texture did change a little, it should revert back to normal. You may also gain more fullness.

The hair restoration procedure and hair growth timeline is a process that requires a bit of patience to see the desired end result. Although, this is actually a benefit because the gradual return of hair to previously thinning areas will look perfectly natural and it is your own natural hair.

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