Excessive Sweating and Hair Loss

Excessive sweating and hair lossExcessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, is a condition where you sweat more than is typical based on the external temperature and your own activity levels. If bad enough, it can disrupt your daily activities and cause anxiety or embarrassment. To make matters worse, these overactive sweat glands might also be having an effect on your hair growth.

Does Sweating Cause Hair Loss?

Without proper care and cleaning of your hair and scalp, sweat can lead to hair loss by clogging hair follicles and disrupting hair growth. Sweating is a part of the body’s natural mechanisms and serves an important purpose in regulating body temperature.

Excessive sweating while sleeping – or night sweats – can be a sign of some other illness and typically coincide with other symptoms like fever, loss of appetite, cough, etc.

Is Sweating Good For Hair?

Sweating can unclog hair follicles and lead to hair growth. Sweating can also help to regulate stress and body temperature. But the salt build-up as a result of that sweat can also be harmful to your hair. To put simply, the act of sweating can be good for your hair while the byproduct of sweat – in excessive amounts – can be harmful.

How Often Should I Wash My Hair?

The average person should go two or three days between washing their hair. Though it often depends on the type of hair a person has and their activity level. If your hair is naturally more oily, then it will need to be washed more often… and more dry hair will need less.

Your lifestyle will also make a difference. If your job or various activities expose your hair to a multitude of dust and debris, regardless of hair type, you may need more frequent washing.

Does Washing My Hair Help Hair Growth?

Shampooing your hair (in excess of what your scalp needs) can actually cause dehydration and breakage. Normal washing habits will of course make for a clean and healthy scalp – which will promote hair growth.

On the opposite end, there is also no evidence that dirty hair will grow any faster than a well-kept coif.

Should I Wash My Hair If I Sweat?

As always, it depends on your hair, the amount of sweat, and your personal preference. It is fine to skip the shower after a workout or two. Skipping every now and again may actually be good for scalp health… though if you sweat a lot then it may be time to hit the showers.

It is possible for sweat and oil to build up and create a film on the scalp over time, causing redness and scaling on the scalp. This is called seborrheic dermatitis. If you already have a tendency toward dandruff, then it is likely best to shower after a workout.

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