Shampooing Do’s and Don’ts

man shampooing his hairBeing part of a regular routine does not guarantee that shampooing is done correctly. A lot of misinformation is far too common so here are the do’s and don’ts from hair care experts on hair washing.

Expert Tips for Hair Care


  • Wet your hair thoroughly before applying shampoo.
  • Use warm water to open up the hair cuticle for more thorough cleansing.
  • Mix the shampoo with a little water in your hand before applying so it moves through your hair more evenly.


  • Scrub at your scalp with your nails while shampooing.
  • Be rough. Hair is more fragile when wet and tangles more easily.
  • Shampoo twice. It’s unnecessary and can dry out hair. Shampoo labels recommend shampooing twice to sell more shampoo and only extremely dirty hair would ever need it.

How Do You Properly Shampoo?

  1. Thoroughly wet your hair with warm water.
  2. Mix a little shampoo with water in the palm of your hand. Apply it evenly to the scalp.
  3. Third, gently rub the shampoo mixture through the hair closest to the scalp and then even more gently to the length of your hair.

Shampooing should focus on the scalp area, which is the most prone to dirt and oils. Do not scrub at your scalp aggressively or use your fingernails. It could damage your hair follicles.

Then, thoroughly rinse shampoo from the hair. If you use conditioner, apply it only to the hair length, not the scalp. Let it sit on the hair for about three minutes.

Rinse hair thoroughly. If possible, finish with a cold water rinse to help close the hair cuticle.

When towel drying, gently blot your hair with the towel. Don’t rub hair because it will create tangles and can damage hair because it’s fragile when wet.

How Often Should You Shampoo and Condition?

How frequently you shampoo and condition your hair depends upon your hair type and lifestyle. Oily hair needs to be washed more often. Dry hair only needs the minimum recommended amount.

Regardless of hair type, if your profession or activities expose your hair to lots of dust, dirt, etc. you may need more frequent washing. All things being even, experts recommend washing and conditioning your hair about 2-3 times a week. In between washings, rinse your hair with warm water.

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