Does Cold or Warm Weather Affect Hair Transplant?

Does Cold of Warm Weather Affect Hair Transplant?Once you’ve decided on getting a hair restoration procedure, it all comes down to scheduling and deciding the best time of year that syncs up with your needs. Other considerations, of course, include the weather outdoors and how it might affect you or what precautions you might need to be aware of so you can best take care of your new hair.

You should absolutely talk with your doctor about this as well as follow any post-operation instructions they may have for you to take care of your new hair.

What Weather is Best for Hair Transplant?

The obvious best weather for hair transplant is a “Goldilocks option” of not too hot and not too cold. Overall, though, the weather doesn’t have too much of an effect on the success of your hair transplant.

What matters most of all is how well you follow your doctor’s instructions for aftercare. In the weeks immediately after your procedure, it’s important to minimize the risk of infection and potentially disrupt future hair growth. The discomforts of taking care of yourself are short-term and will be well worth it once the healing is done.

Is Cold Weather Dangerous After a Hair Transplant?

When it is colder, most of us sweat less and there’s less sun during the typical day… so it’s usually easier to keep your scalp clean and safe. We also tend to be inside and move around less in winter – which will actually help the healing process.

Of course, if you’re bundled up in the subway waiting on a train, you might be sweating more than in the summer months.

Can Sweating Affect Hair Transplant?

Sweating is not going to dislodge your transplanted hair, but in order to take care of your hair, it is best to avoid sweating where you’re able. Especially in the first few days as your doctor may have bandaged the area and it may be tender. Most people return to work within 2-5 days of the operation… but of course, that depends on the type of work you do.

If you work outdoors or wear a hard hat, consider taking more time to take care of yourself. You should likely abstain from wearing a hat – especially ones like a hard hat that applies pressure to your scalp – for at least a week. It won’t upset the graft, but it may cause irritation in the donor area.

Does Sun Affect Hair Transplant?

Just existing in summer temperatures can lead to sweating… even if you’re not exerting yourself! But fortunately, sweating shouldn’t cause any significant problems. However, be certain to be extra attentive when cleaning the area to minimize the risk of infection.

During the first few months as you heal and the new hair follicles take root, it’s important to minimize any potential damagelike sunburns. Always try to wear a loose cap, scarf, or some other covering to prevent any possible damage.

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