Does Winter Really Make Your Hair Fall Out?

does winter really make your hair fall out?As we transition from fall to winter, we New Yorkers have to go through a lot. The leaves fall and make a mess, it gets darker and darker earlier every day, and we end up with just a couple of weeks of perfect weather before it feels like we skip straight to the chill that winter brings. And that dry air that winter brings can have a big impact on our skin and scalp.

The dryness in the winter air due to the lack of humidity both indoors and out dries our skin. And the older we get… the more susceptible to dry skin we become. As you may have put together already, dry skin leads to dry and damaged hair. Can that lead to excessive hair shedding?

How Much Hair Fall Is Normal During Winter?

On average we typically shed between 50 and 100 hairs per day. That’s why we see some hairs in our brushes after combing our hair or some hairs coming out while we’re showering.

In the winter we’re more prone to having dry skin. That dry skin can lead to an itchy scalp. Excessive scratching of your scalp can cause hair follicle damage leading to excessive shedding. Additionally, if your hair is excessively dry it is prone to getting easily damaged leading to even more shedding.

How Long Does Seasonal Hair Loss Last?

Seasonal hair shedding usually takes place in fall and spring. This is because our hair usually enters the telogen phase in the summer followed by the exogenous shedding in the fall and sometimes spring. All of this is natural hair shedding and should not be very noticeable or long lasting.

As always, you can mitigate the amount of potential hair loss issues by making sure you’re partaking in a balanced diet of essential vitamins, proteins. and minerals – as well as managing stress through exercise.

Winter hair loss is not typically looked at as part of being seasonal hair loss as described above. That said, if your hair has entered the exogen phase in the winter months, please keep in mind that it is temporary. If the exogen phase lasts longer than five months, you should consult a professional.

How Can I Stop Hair Fall In Winter?

Winter-related hair loss may be the result of excessively dry skin. If you catch yourself scratching your scalp excessively it may be time to see a dermatologist and research hair products designed specifically for dry scalps.

If dryness and itching lead to hair follicle damage (and it goes untreated), it can result in permanent hair loss.

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