Thinning Hair

Seasonal Affective Disorder And Hair Loss

man with hair loss from seasonal affective disorderMillions of Americans are affected by seasonal affective disorder (SAD) which can negatively impact their quality of life. In fact, anywhere from .5% to 3% of the general population is affected by this disorder. SAD is a form of depression and can create a lot of obstacles for those suffering from it, but can it also be contributing to your hair loss? [Read more…] about Seasonal Affective Disorder And Hair Loss

Tired Of Self-Treating? Give Yourself The Gift Of Hair Restoration

man with healthy full hair after ARTAS hair restorationFor many people, thinning hair and hair loss can creep up on us with age. It can sometimes be hard to notice when we see ourselves every day that our hair just isn’t what it used to be. Sometimes it even takes another person pointing it out to you before you really begin to grapple with the fact that you’re experiencing hair loss. [Read more…] about Tired Of Self-Treating? Give Yourself The Gift Of Hair Restoration

Tips for Healthy Hair

healthy hair under a microscopeWhether you wear your hair long or short, everyone wants healthy hair. Common mistakes in diet and habits can damage hair and increase natural hair fall (the amount of hair shed through normal grooming). The good news is that simple changes and tips can improve your hair’s health and appearance. [Read more…] about Tips for Healthy Hair

Melatonin and Hair Loss

melatonin and hair lossMelatonin is a hormone that is naturally created in your body by the pineal gland while you sleep. You may have heard that some people take melatonin as a short-term sleep aid to treat insomnia. It is also an antioxidant, which means it can combat oxidative stress to reduce the signs of aging. [Read more…] about Melatonin and Hair Loss

Does Bear Oil Cure Baldness?

Bear oil being applied to hairBaldness is something that mankind has been trying to combat since its earliest days. Primitive wigs and hairpieces go back to early civilizations like the Celts and the Sumerians. Ancient Egyptians would mix concoctions to put on their heads in the hopes of curing baldness. The Roman Empire saw the use of the combover by people like Julius Caesar. [Read more…] about Does Bear Oil Cure Baldness?

No-Shave November Benefiting Cancer Research

no shave novemberIt’s that time of year again. Men all over the country are opting to hold off shaving for the whole month as a part of No-Shave November. This year is going to be a bit different though. The No-Shave November campaign will be introducing new cancer-focused nonprofits that individual donors – and the greater No-Shave community – will be able to designate as the specific nonprofits their money will go towards. [Read more…] about No-Shave November Benefiting Cancer Research

Weight Loss Surgery and Hair Loss

weight loss surgeryThere is certainly no shortage of weight loss remedies and treatments that exist and are readily available to the public. Sometimes diet and exercise are enough, but in more extreme cases prescription drugs or even surgery become the only answer. While some may feel weight loss surgery is extreme, it is often done as a life-saving procedure. [Read more…] about Weight Loss Surgery and Hair Loss

Protein And Hair Loss

man looking at hair loss in mirrorWhat we put in our bodies affects our whole body. A healthy diet where you’re taking in the necessary vitamins and nutrients has a positive effect on your overall well-being – a higher probability of healthy skin, nails, and yes, healthy hair. Malnutrition has the opposite effect. [Read more…] about Protein And Hair Loss