Thinning Hair

Biotin Supplements and Hair Growth/Health/Loss

Biotin supplements and hair growth/health/lossThe B-complex vitamin B7 – also known as biotin – helps your body break food into energy. You can maintain a healthy level of biotin by eating meat, eggs, fish, seeds, some vegetables, and nuts. Most people receive enough biotin through their regular diet… but some people also choose to have it as a daily supplement.

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Why Is Jada Pinkett-Smith Shaving Her Head?

Why is Jada Pinkett-Smith Shaving Her Head? What You Need to Know About AlopeciaIf you watched this year’s Academy Award ceremony, you saw Will Smith slap Chris Rock for mocking his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith. But you might not have realized that Rock’s “joke” was about a medical condition that caused her hair loss. [Read more…] about Why Is Jada Pinkett-Smith Shaving Her Head?

Retinoids And Hair Loss

retinoids and hair lossAll of us – especially as we get older – look for ways to help ensure that our hair lasts for as long as possible. We become increasingly aware of the products we put in our hair, perform proper maintenance, and look more into how diet or medication can affect our overall hair health. We understand how certain vitamins in our diet are an important part of keeping our hair healthy, but some are more important than others. [Read more…] about Retinoids And Hair Loss

Collagen And Overall Hair Health

collagen and overall hair healthMany of us are looking at everyday things we can do to promote our hair health. Whether it be the kinds of shampoo and conditioner we use, how often we wash our hair, how we brush our hair, or how we style it. We’re trying to be mindful of what’s good for our hair health and what will keep us having that full head of hair for as long as we can. [Read more…] about Collagen And Overall Hair Health

Can Onions Prevent Hair Loss?

can onions prevent hair loss?Onions have been a staple at the dinner table since before there were dinner tables some 5,000 years ago. Their delicious pungency notwithstanding, people have had other uses for onions throughout history. They were thought to ward off disease, protect from evil spirits, and aid in increasing beauty and long life. [Read more…] about Can Onions Prevent Hair Loss?

Meditation and Hair Loss

meditation and hair lossYour doctor said that your hair loss is not genetic, male-pattern baldness, or related to a hormone imbalance… but stress is usually a factor in your thinning hair. It’s not like your stressful job, family, or current environment is going to get any easier – and losing your hair is actually adding to your stress level. So, what’s a good plan for reducing stress and avoiding hair loss? [Read more…] about Meditation and Hair Loss