Thinning Hair

OTC Medications That Accelerate Hair Loss

medication and hair lossThere are many different illnesses and infections that could potentially cause hair loss. In those cases, you’ll often be prescribed a medication that will result in hair regrowth. Other medications like minoxidil – which has a different function when taken orally – can treat hair loss when applied topically.

While there are examples of medications that can help to prevent hair loss or even reverse temporary hair loss, there are still other over-the-counter medications available that could trigger or accelerate hair loss.

So… what medications cause hair loss?

Aspirin And Hair Loss

How aspirin affects our hair might be more complicated than you think. A lesser-known positive effect of aspirin is that it can help reduce inflammation when it’s applied topically. This includes scalp inflammation. This is why aspirin is an ingredient in many dandruff shampoos. In these instances (when used topically) aspirin can potentially save you from temporary hair loss.

That said, taking aspirin orally is a different story. Studies have shown that taking aspirin along with minoxidil (the drug used in Rogaine) decreases its efficiency. This is due to the anticoagulant properties in aspirin.

Anticoagulants And Hair Loss

Anticoagulants have been tied to a specific kind of hair loss called telogen effluvium. This type of hair loss can affect the entirety of your scalp and does not accelerate male pattern baldness. Basically, your scalp gets pushed into the resting state where you’ll shed hair on your scalp… but it won’t necessarily grow back. It can take about three months before hair loss through medications like anticoagulants can be noticed.

It’s important to note that anticoagulants are life-saving drugs. If you’ve been prescribed anticoagulants or recommended to take over-the-counter anticoagulants by your doctor, do not stop taking them without consultation and approval.

Do NSAIDs Cause Hair Loss?

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are similar to anticoagulants in that they can trigger telogen effluvium hair loss. You may be taking over-the-counter drugs like ibuprofen to help manage arthritis pain for example. Though it’s not overly common for regular ibuprofen use to cause telogen effluvium, it does still happen. It will take – just like with anticoagulants – approximately three months to notice the effects.

If you’re managing the pain of arthritis to get through your day-to-day life, please talk to your doctor before you stop taking ibuprofen.

Robotic Hair Restoration Long Island Can Help Restore Your Hair & Confidence

Many of us take over-the-counter medication to help manage ailments like arthritis or to prevent heart attacks and stroke. Unfortunately for some people, side effects of regular use of those OTC medications include hair loss.

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3 Ways Your Hair Changes with Age

the hair aging processWe all understand that our bodies change as we get older. One of the more visible changes is in our hair. The majority of men experience some degree of hair loss by age 35… and the vast majority of men experience hair loss by age 50. [Read more…] about 3 Ways Your Hair Changes with Age

Coconut Oil And Hair Loss

Coconut oilIt’s natural for many people who suspect they may be experiencing hair thinning or loss to look at health and beauty products that claim to curtail that. Some of these products are extremely versatile. Would you believe there’s a product that people use for cooking and cleaning that’s also used for skin care? That product would be Coconut Oil. [Read more…] about Coconut Oil And Hair Loss

How To Diagnose The Cause Of Hair Loss

doctor diagnosing hair lossWhen we suspect we might be losing our hair, many of us don’t know what to do at first. We don’t want to wait for more visible balding, but are we overreacting? Rather than wait around to see if you lose more hair or trying to do a self-diagnosis, you can visit a doctor who can help determine if you may be experiencing hair thinning or loss. [Read more…] about How To Diagnose The Cause Of Hair Loss

Sun Exposure And Hair Loss

woman avoiding hair sun exposureThe sun is important to our health. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that we take into our bodies primarily through exposure to the sun. It stimulates cell growth, keeps our skin healthy, and even helps to create hair follicles. In fact, Vitamin D is so important to our skin and hair that a lack of it can cause hair loss through alopecia. [Read more…] about Sun Exposure And Hair Loss

Lack of Sleep and Hair Loss

man having trouble sleepingMany of us know that stress plays a role in hair thinning or hair loss. Specifically, telogen effluvium is a type of hair loss associated with high stress where a high number of hair follicles on your scalp end up being pushed into the resting phase together, which results in a disproportionately large amount of hair to shed or fall out together resulting in noticeable hair thinning. [Read more…] about Lack of Sleep and Hair Loss

Early Signs Of Balding

balding manMany of us find ourselves closely examining our hair from time to time to make sure it is still all there. It can be easy to over-analyze and look at anything as a sign of balding. For instance, as men get older their hairline matures… which is different from a receding hairline. This happens naturally as men go from their teenage years into adulthood with their hairline climbing up about an inch. [Read more…] about Early Signs Of Balding