The Connection Between Hats and Hair Loss?

Connection Between Hats and Hair Loss from RHRLI

You’ve probably heard a number of theories about what the causes of hair loss are. Some of them are true and based on science and others are based on myths passed down for years. One of the most common theories about hair loss that you’ve likely heard is that there’s a connection between wearing hats and losing your hair. You may have also heard variations of the theory, such as the possibility that wearing your hat too tight may trigger hair loss. RHRLI wants to help you sort out the facts and the fiction related to hair loss and thinning hair. We’re experts in the field and if you’re looking for a permanent solution for your hair loss we can help. We’re the only hair loss treatment center on Long Island that has the ARTAS® System, a state-of-the-art robotic hair transplant system that can give a healthier head of hair.

The Myth About Hats and Hair Loss

We’ll cut to the chase. There is no evidence that wearing a hat regularly can bring about hair loss. Yet the myth continues to be passed down by parents to their children, friends to other friends, and still even gets published in articles. After one such article was published a few years back, the Huffington Post contacted Dr. Alan Bauman, a board-certified hair restoration physician.

Bauman did not hold back in debunking the myth. “Sorry for being blunt, but this statement is completely, 100-percent bogus and false in so many ways,” he said. “It is a great example of the myths associated with hair follicles and male pattern hair loss that continue to be perpetuated by the uneducated.”

There’s No Connection Between Tight Hats and Hair Loss

Nobody knows how the story got started, but the website “Today I Found Out” discovered a reference to the theory in a 1929 book called The Childs Heredity by P.B. Popenoe. The book attempted to debunk the myth. “Generally, the wearing of tight hats and other causes blamed for pattern baldness have nothing to do with the case,” Popenoe wrote.

The 1929 book referenced another spin on the myth, which is that wearing tight hats allegedly causes hair loss. Again, not true. “Your baseball cap would have to be on your scalp so tight that you couldn’t wear it in order for it to cause any type of traction or damage,” Spencer Kobren, the founder of the American Hair Loss Association, told Men’s Journal.

There is a type of hair loss which can be caused by the pulling of hair. It’s called traction alopecia and it’s usually caused by wearing a tight hairstyle such as corn rows, the top knot, or the “man bun.”  It’s concentrated around the temple and behind the ears, and the condition is caused by traction and pulling of hair. If caught early, this condition is very treatable. But in rare cases the hair loss becomes permanent.

RHRLI Will Help with All Types of Hair Loss

If you’re looking for a permanent solution to any type of hair loss RHRLI can help you find one. Unlike other hair transplant treatments, the ARTAS® system is minimally invasive. You won’t have to undergo a painful surgical procedure and it’s more accurate than transplants that involve hand-held devices. Contact RHRLI today.

Please note that the author of this piece is not a doctor and the information in this material is not intended as medical advice. Please consult your doctor or medical professional for specific information regarding your individual situation.

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