National Men’s Grooming Day

hair grooming tools for menFriday, August 20th, marks another National Men’s Grooming Day. Since 2007, the third Friday of August has been designated as the day this is observed.

The idea behind it is to promote men’s hygiene by raising awareness of different ways we can take care of ourselves, or how we can take care of ourselves better than before. There are a wide variety of products out there to properly take care of our skin and hair as part of male grooming. Proper grooming of your hair can help keep it healthy and could potentially help you avoid some forms of hair loss.

Washing Your Hair

Washing and shampooing your hair is an important part of good grooming. That said, there isn’t necessarily a consensus on how often you need to wash your hair. It is important to regularly wash to keep your hair and scalp healthy to avoid a scalp infection which could lead to hair loss if untreated.

We should be mindful when using shampoo as well. Too much shampoo can dry out your hair and cause damage. There are also shampoos that may have preservatives like propylparaben that can potentially affect your hormone levels and cause hair thinning. Allergic reactions to certain ingredients can cause inflammation and damage to your hair, too.

Combing And Styling Your Hair

We should be grooming our hair after washing or to start your day. If you keep your hair long enough to comb it, make sure you are not overdoing it. Over-brushing can cause damage to your hair follicles and in extreme cases can lead to traction alopecia. This is a temporary form of hair loss that can become permanent if it goes untreated.

Different brushes or combs need to be used for different hair types as well. You will want to consider what kind of hair you have – whether it is curly, straight, fine, and so forth – and then use an appropriate brush or comb. Keep in mind that brushing wet hair is also not recommended… but a wide-tooth comb should cause the least amount of stress on your hair in that instance. And make sure to clean your brush or comb at least once a month!

Grooming Your Mustache Or Beard

Many men know to wash the hair on their head and maintain it, but many do not take the extra steps with their facial hair. They may trim it and keep it looking nice, but there are also beard specific products to keep it clean and healthy – including combs and shampoos just for facial hair.

Similar to the hair on your scalp; if you overdo it, you could cause facial hair loss. Hormones, vitamin deficiencies, and too much stress can also play a factor. While we tend to focus on hair restoration procedures for our scalps, facial hair restoration is also an option.

RHRLI Can Help Restore Your Hair & Give You More To Groom

As many of us are readjusting to interacting with more people in person again, male grooming is more important than ever. Finally, being out and about more after over a year of limited activity is as good a reason as any to look into hair restoration.

Here at RHRLI we utilize the ARTAS® Robotic FUE Hair Restoration System to restore your hair to its natural look with minimal discomfort and quicker recovery time to get you back to your day-to-day life quicker than ever. We can even restore facial hair and give you a thicker, fuller beard. To schedule a free consultation and take that first step towards restoring your hair and your confidence, contact us today.

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