Curly or Straight: Types of Hair and Hair Loss

Differences with Straight and Curly Hair.

Everybody’s hair is a little bit different. There are different colors, different lengths and different styles. Some people have a full head of hair and some people have thinning hair or hair loss. We see that every day at RHRLI and we also see hair in its natural state. But that comes in two categories as well. Some people have straight hair and some people have curly hair. But does having straight or curly hair have implications on whether or not you’re going to lose your hair? Are there special issues related to straight or curly hair and hair loss?

RHRLI Are Your Hair Loss Experts

At RHRLI, our patients are interested in learning as much information as they can about hair and hair loss.  We also know that they’re interested in a permanent solution to hair loss. We have that at RHRLI with the ARTAS® System. It uses robotic technology to give you a minimally invasive, virtually pain free hair transplant that will give you a natural healthy head of hair. When we consult with patients, we answer all types of questions about hair and hair loss, so we want to tell you what we know about straight and curly hair.

Why Hair is Straight or Curly

So why do some people have straight hair, while others have curly or wavy?  If we’re talking about the natural hair you’re born with, the short answer is genetics. According to Popular Science, between 85 and 95 percent of the time your chances of having wavy or curly hair comes from DNA. But what causes hair to be straight or to bend?  According to Medical News Today, it’s believed the shape of hair follicles determines this. It’s believed the shape of hair follicles are determined during embryonic development.

When you’re dealing with straight hair, the follicles act in a coordinated fashion resulting in even hair growth while people who have wavy or curly hair have cells that divide and create asymmetrical proteins that correlate with the bend that exist in the curved follicles.

Hair Type and Hair Loss

So now that we know how we get straight or curly hair, does a particular type of hair type make you more susceptible to hair loss? All things being equal, there’s no evidence that there’s any difference in the natural cycle of hair loss for people with either straight or curly hair. We all shed hair at various times in the hair growth cycle but having straight or curly hair doesn’t have much of an impact either way.

But there are issues that some people with curly hair are more likely to have hair fall out as a result of damage to their follicles. According to the website, Naturally Curly, having curly hair means you’re more susceptible to hair breakage. It can happen while combing or trying to detangle hair. Another danger is styling tools, such as the curling iron and other heat-based tools. If you heat your hair too much you can cause breakage, according to Bustle.

RHRLI Can Offer You a Permanent Hair Loss Solution

Most cases of hair breakage are not permanent, but in rare cases you can damage your scalp to the point where hair does not grow back. If you’re looking for a permanent hair loss solution, RHRLI is the only hair restoration center on Long Island that has the ARTAS® System. Contact us today.

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