How RHRLI Trains Colleagues

Professor teaching classroom about robotic hair restoration with ARTASIf you’re learning about what we do at RHRLI, you probably know that we’re one of the only hair restoration treatment centers on Long Island that has the ARTAS® System, a state-of-the-art hair transplant that uses robotic technology to give you healthy hair. But ARTAS® is just part of the RHRLI edge. Everything about our practice is designed to give patients the best possible care and the best possible service. Our board certified surgeon, Dr. Baiju Gohil takes special care with all of our patients from initial consultation straight through to the ARTAS® hair restoration procedure. We give the highest quality care and that’s why RHRLI has been chosen to be a training center for other hair restoration practices.

RHRLI Offers a Life-Changing Permanent Hair Loss Solution

At RHRLI, we believe that the ARTAS® procedure is the best permanent hair loss solution you can find anywhere. It’s a robotic Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) procedure that is minimally invasive. Many patients report that they feel little to no pain after undergoing their procedure. ARTAS® is also the most precise hair transplant you can find because of our robotic precision. We’ll find donor hairs that others can’t and we’ll transfer them precisely where they’re needed. Every graft will be as accurate as your first one. It’s no wonder that doctors want to learn how to treat patients with ARTAS® and at RHRLI, we’re proud to help.

How RHRLI Trains Other Medical Professionals

Venus Treatments, which has selected RHRLI to train doctors and other medical professionals. They chose RHRLI because of our consistently outstanding results, and because we are one of the busiest robotic hair transplant centers in the country. Some of the practices we’ve helped are looking for information about using ARTAS® for their patients, while others have already acquired ARTAS® and are looking to gain more expertise in the system.

For those who want to learn more about acquiring ARTAS®, RHRLI invites them to our Jericho offices for a few hours to observe our team in action with the ARTAS® robot. This allows them to gain some understanding of how this revolutionary technology works and to learn about what techniques we use to perform hair restoration surgery with the robotic hair transplant system.

ARTAS® Robotic Hair Restoration Training

Physicians and their team members who’ve already committed to using the ARTAS® robotic system receive much more intensive training. They come to RHRLI for a full two days. During that time, they will be immersed in learning all aspects of the procedure. We’ll also talk to them about the overall care of the patient, from initial consultation to giving instructions once the procedure is over. Our goal is to help the practices we train to achieve a comfortable transition from learning about ARTAS® to actually performing the procedure in their offices.

RHRLI Provides the Best Care For Your New Hair

All around the country, medical professionals and patients are discovering that the ARTAS® system is the best permanent solution to hair loss you can find. At RHRLI, we’re proud to have pioneered this innovative procedure on Long Island. We provide the best care you can find and your new hair will look healthy and natural. Contact us today.

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