Gray Hair and Hair Loss: Are They Related?

Gray Hair & Hair Loss: Are The Related?Gray hair is caused by a lack of pigment cells in the hair follicles. Typically, this happens gradually as we age… but there are some conditions that can cause hair to go prematurely gray.

Hair loss can be the result of many different issues and factors – even including as a natural part of the aging process. Since both occur on your head, it’s not a strange idea to wonder if there is any connection between hair graying and hair loss.

Does Gray Hair Mean Hair Loss?

While the causes of both gray hair and hair loss can sometimes be linked, having one does not mean the other will occur. In fact, it’s even possible to have both and their causes be unrelated.

As your hair doesn’t actually turn gray in the way leaves change and fall with the seasons, it is new hair growing without pigment. It’s not a specific precursor to hair falling out.

Are Premature Graying and Hair Loss Related?

Graying hair and hair loss are both a natural sign of aging. In a study on tumor development, scientists recently discovered in mice the proteins that instruct skin cells to become hair shafts… which produce another protein that affects hair color.

Can Gray Hair be Reversed?

Gray hair caused by stress can have its color return by removing the stress factors. While factors like the subject’s age and the duration of the stress can affect hair’s re-pigmentation, recent studies have shown it is possible to return hair to its original color after stressors have been removed.

Does Gray Hair Lead to Baldness?

Hair and hair color are different things. Hair stem cells make hair, and pigment forming stem cells make pigment. While they typically work together, either can wear out. Graying occurs as we age and as the body produces hydrogen peroxide within hair follicles. As it builds up, it obstructs the production of our hair’s pigment – or melanin.

Does Gray Hair Fall Out Faster?

As we get older, our scalps produce less oil and – as a result – gray hair may seem drier… though gray hair is finer than colored hair. Finer hair just means the diameter of the hair is thin as the result of a narrow follicle. Gray hair is also more fragile and prone to breakage than when it had pigment.

Your gray hair may be the result of some imbalance of hormones due to diet, stress, age, or lifestyle. These imbalances can cause gray hair to fall as your hair follicles are producing at a reduced capacity. Also, you shouldn’t speed up the process by plucking at your gray hairs, it could potentially damage the hair follicles… so they no longer grow hair. This may make your hair look thinner over time.

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