Tired Of Self-Treating? Give Yourself The Gift Of Hair Restoration

man with healthy full hair after ARTAS hair restorationFor many people, thinning hair and hair loss can creep up on us with age. It can sometimes be hard to notice when we see ourselves every day that our hair just isn’t what it used to be. Sometimes it even takes another person pointing it out to you before you really begin to grapple with the fact that you’re experiencing hair loss.

Handling Your Hair Loss

Knowing that you’re experiencing hair loss and doing something about it are two entirely different things. Once someone comes to terms with it, they don’t necessarily know what to do from there.

Do you need to wait for hair loss to progress further before doing something about it? Are you supposed to start with supplements or over-the-counter treatments? The best course of action isn’t always clear.

To help make this easier, we’ll review a couple of frequently asked questions.

How Effective Are Over-The-Counter Hair Loss Remedies?

When it comes to over-the-counter remedies, it may surprise you to find out that there is only one FDA-approved drug to treat hair loss that’s over-the-counter – Minoxidil. This is the drug that’s used in products like Rogaine. Though, Minoxidil makes up only 5% or less of the medication.

Using treatments with Minoxidil for your hair (such as Rogaine Foam) does have benefits. It is effective in about two-thirds of men and, when effective, it does stimulate hair growth. That said, Minoxidil does not work to restore your hairline if it has already started receding.

It is also important to keep in mind that this is not a cure for baldness, but rather a remedy that works for as long as it’s being taken. If taking the medicine ceases, you will go back to experiencing hair thinning and loss.

Will Changes In Diet And Taking Supplements Help Restore Hair?

A change to a healthier, more well-balanced diet will always be beneficial to your body as a whole – in addition to your hair. Also, hair loss can sometimes be a byproduct of a deficiency in your diet. In those cases, a healthier diet can slow or reverse hair loss.

Your hair requires certain vitamins and minerals to thrive. These include:

  • vitamin A
  • vitamin B
  • vitamin C
  • vitamin D
  • vitamin E
  • zinc
  • iron
  • protein
  • and fatty acids.

A proper diet will promote hair growth. Unfortunately, a balanced diet cannot fight back against your own genetics. If you are suffering from male or female pattern baldness due to genetics, a healthy diet alone cannot prevent that. However, if you undergo hair restoration surgery, a balanced diet will help promote healthy hair growth with your new, natural hair.

RHRLI Can Start You On Your Hair Restoration Journey This Holiday Season

Many people are faced with unavoidable hair loss through their genetics. We may try to look for tips and tricks to avoid more involved hair restoration techniques, but there are very few options available which truly restore your hair long term.

Here at RHRLI, we offer free consultations in our state-of-the-art facility using the ARTAS® robotic hair transplant system. We’ll assess whether robotic hair restoration is an appropriate treatment for you or if one of our other hair restoration services would be a better fit. Learn more by contacting us today.

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