3 Ways Your Hair Changes with Age

the hair aging processWe all understand that our bodies change as we get older. One of the more visible changes is in our hair. The majority of men experience some degree of hair loss by age 35… and the vast majority of men experience hair loss by age 50.

It is also estimated that more than half of women experience some form of hair loss over the course of their lives as well. We also understand that our hair starts to go gray and eventually white as we age. Our hair does change in more ways than that, though.

So, how else does your hair change as you age?

Does Your Hair Change Every Seven Years?

Many of us have heard that our body chemistry changes about every seven years. This applies to your hair as well… to a point.

What many of us might not know is that different parts of your scalp age differently. That is – in part – why for men the hair on the back and sides of their heads tends to be unaffected by male pattern baldness. The front end of your scalp (by your forehead) tends to be where you first experience hair loss through a receding hairline for young adult males maturing into an adult hairline… followed by further receding and male pattern baldness as the scalp ages.

Does Hair Texture Change with Age?

As we get older our hair tends to get drier, frizzier, and decrease in volume. What keeps our hair moisturized are the natural oils that our scalp produces.

As we get older, our body stops producing as much oil in the scalp which causes your hair to get drier. This can also result in brittle and more easily damaged hair that could expedite temporary hair loss.

There are hair and beauty products that can not only moisturize your hair but help to lock the moisture in – which can help strengthen it. You should consult with a professional on which products may be right for you.

Is There an Age Limit for Hair Growth?

In a way, yes, there is an age limit for hair growth. Our hair grows fastest between the ages of 15 and 30. From there, our hair growth decreases and continues to decrease as we get older.

This decrease in hair growth is partly why we experience some level of hair thinning as we age. And in some cases, many hair follicles cease working all together, which leads to baldness.

Can I De-Age My Hair?

Other than moisturizing your hair, there are a few things you can do to help de-age your hair or at least give that impression. Making sure you’re getting enough protein, iron, and vitamin D in your diet is important.

In terms of wanting to hide gray or white hair, there are plenty of products available for that. If you’re looking to de-age your hair by reversing thinning and baldness, you should consult with a hair restoration specialist like Dr. Baiju Gohil.

RHRLI Can Turn Back the Clock on Your Hair

Healthy habits such as a proper diet, regular exercise, getting a little bit of sun, and a good night’s sleep are important in helping to keep your scalp young, but that’s not enough to prevent hair loss. For many of us hair thinning, and loss is inevitable. It doesn’t have to be permanent though.

At RHRLI we specialize in the minimally invasive ARTAS® Robotic Hair Transplant System, a procedure that produces exceptional results and will get you back to your day-to-day life in just a few days. Contact us today for a free consultation and take the first step towards turning the clock back on your hair.

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