Early Signs Of Balding

balding manMany of us find ourselves closely examining our hair from time to time to make sure it is still all there. It can be easy to over-analyze and look at anything as a sign of balding. For instance, as men get older their hairline matures… which is different from a receding hairline. This happens naturally as men go from their teenage years into adulthood with their hairline climbing up about an inch.

Finding some loose hairs after combing or washing your hair is also natural as we all shed hair over time. So, what are the early signs of balding?

What Is The First Stage Of Balding?

The first stages of balding could technically be considered the maturing hairline as stated above, but that happens to everyone.

The real first stage is the continued recession of hair around the temples. This is when the hair on the scalp begins to resemble a U, V, or M shape. As the hairline recedes and changes, those balding spots creating a Widow’s Peak or other similar receded hairlines become so thinly veiled in hair or lose all hair in those areas.

How Do You Know If Your Crown Is Going Bald?

The crown of your head is the highest point of your skull located toward the back. One of the first places for baldness to appear outside of a receding hairline is a bald spot starting at the crown of your head. The hair thinning on your crown should be unmistakable.

Even if you have longer hair that may cover it up at first, you should still be able to notice the hair thinning in the area when you wash and maintain your hair. An honest barber or spouse doesn’t hurt either.

Does Thinning Hair Always Mean Balding?

Thinning hair doesn’t always mean balding. Male pattern baldness is genetic, permanent without medical intervention, and unrelated to different forms of alopecia which can be temporary. There are different conditions provoked by stress, poor diet, friction on the hair, hormonal changes, and more that can cause thinning hair.

Adjusting your diet to make sure you are getting the proper nutrients to promote hair growth and managing your stress through activities like yoga can help prevent problems with thinning hair. So can avoiding hair styles such as tight braids, man buns, or ponytails that cause excessive friction on your hair.

You should also make sure to take care of your thyroid if you find you have been diagnosed with hyper or hypothyroidism. Promoting strong blood circulation can make sure your hair follicles are receiving the proper nourishment from the nutrients you are taking in… which will help to combat hair thinning.

RHRLI Can Help Restore Your Hair At Any Stage Of Hair Loss

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