What Signs Mean I Should Schedule a Hair Loss Consultation?

man combing his hairScheduling a hair loss consultation is a crucial step in tackling hair loss issues. When you make the decision to make that call, it represents your first concrete step to take control of permanent or temporary hair loss. Let’s look at what a conversation about hair loss entails, including when you should schedule a consultation, and whether your hair loss may be permanent or temporary.

What Are the First Signs of Hair Loss?

Likely, you’ll notice hair loss signs before anyone else in your life. At first, you may notice changes in the thickness, texture, or growth pattern of your hair. Over time, this may become more obvious, and the overall thinning will reveal more of the scalp area beneath.

For most people, hair loss occurs over a period of years. For some, it’ll occur in just one spot. Others will see multiple spots and patterns. Many of our patients mention that they notice more hair falling out in the shower and a difference in their appearance in photos.

When Should I See a Doctor About Hair Loss?

Depending on your age and health, thinning hair can be a natural part of aging or a symptom of an autoimmune issue or another disease. When hair loss starts to become significant, you should consult a doctor to ensure there are no underlying health risks.

When you feel distressed about hair loss or the thinning of your hair, you should give us a call for a consultation. If you find yourself worrying in front of the mirror, wearing hats to cover baldness, or constantly checking the thickness of your hair, you’re likely experiencing some stress or emotional distress related to hair loss, which can exacerbate the problem. Preoccupation or stress related to hair loss is a primary indicator that it’s time to call a doctor.

Is Your Hair Loss Permanent or Temporary?

Whether your hair loss is temporary or permanent depends upon the cause. Many people experience hormone-related hair loss due to conditions with their thyroid, for example. Often, correcting the hormones to promote a properly functioning thyroid can improve hair growth. In these circumstances, however, patients may still need restorative hair treatment.

If your hair loss is caused by stress (for example a complex and difficult temporary life circumstance), the hair loss may be temporary. We find that patients undergoing sustained amounts of stress will continue to experience hair loss over time.

What Will We Cover in an Initial Consultation?

When you come in for a hair loss consultation, we’ll take a look at your hair loss pattern and ask you some questions. We’ll want to know how long you’ve been losing your hair, the differences you’ve noticed, and any changes in your health. Some hair loss, of course, occurs with age, but other hair loss occurs due to certain health factors.

Once we assess your hair loss pattern, situation, and lifestyle, we can make some actionable recommendations for you.

Get a Free Consultation with RHRLI

Contacting us for a free consultation means it’s time to take control of your hair loss situation. Seeing your appearance change can represent emotional difficulty and a lack of confidence, but we’re here to help. Schedule a free consultation with us today to begin a journey of restored hair and restored confidence!

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