Collagen And Overall Hair Health

collagen and overall hair healthMany of us are looking at everyday things we can do to promote our hair health. Whether it be the kinds of shampoo and conditioner we use, how often we wash our hair, how we brush our hair, or how we style it. We’re trying to be mindful of what’s good for our hair health and what will keep us having that full head of hair for as long as we can.

Some of the products that people recommend contain the protein collagen. While we know that protein is an important part of hair health, can using products with collagen peptides actually help fight against hair loss?

Can Collagen Help With Hair Loss?

As mentioned above, collagen is a protein. Specifically, it’s a protein that can be created synthetically (exogenous) or your body can produce it (endogenous) naturally. Collagen is found in the skin, muscles, and connective tissue. As a protein, it makes the tissue stronger and more durable. The idea is that if collagen strengthens those parts of our bodies, it should be able to help strengthen our hair as well.

There is some evidence that collagen can help with hair loss. Collagen peptides do contain three of the amino acids required to create the protein keratin, which is what your hair is mostly created from.

Additionally, collagen acts as an antioxidant. This means that you have additional defense against cellular damage caused by free radicals that have built up in your system. Free radicals can potentially cause damage to your hair follicles, causing hair loss. As the positive benefits of collagen affect the entire body and not just the scalp, it may also be possible to improve the health of your facial hair as well.

Does Collagen Thicken Hair?

In addition to evidence of helping fight hair loss, collagen peptides may even thicken your hair. Or, at least, sort of. You see… the health of your hair is linked to the health of your skin.

Studies have shown that collagen use can improve the elasticity and overall health of your skin – something that deteriorates with age. With that being the case, there is the potential for you to have a thicker head of hair later in life than you may have had otherwise. So, in this instance, it’s not exactly thickening your hair but rather slowing down hair thinning.

Can Too Much Collagen Cause Hair Loss?

Collagen is non-toxic, and there aren’t any severe side effects for taking too much collagen. In extreme cases, however, scleroderma is possible. This is a rare autoimmune condition that can cause skin hardening and internal organ damage. As a rule, never intentionally take more than you need for any supplement.

Robotic Hair Restoration of Long Island Will Explore Multiple Options With You

While some people may benefit from taking supplements or utilizing other hair care techniques, the truth is the vast majority of men – and many women – will experience some level of hair thinning or loss in their lives.

No matter what the cause of your hair loss, RHRLI has you covered. We offer both surgical and non-surgical remedies and procedures to restore your hair including the use of our state of the art ARTAS® Robotic Hair Transplant System. This hair transplant procedure is minimally invasive and will get you back to your day-to-day life quickly. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a consultation.

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