Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Your Hair And Scalp

Benefits of aloe vera for your hair and scalp.Aloe vera is a plant that’s been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. Some of these benefits include promoting healthy skin, reducing wrinkles, having antioxidant and antibacterial properties that can help accelerate healing wounds, working well as a mouthwash that fights gingivitis, and even having some laxative properties that can ease constipation.

Because of the benefits that aloe vera has shown over and over again with boosting skin health – including not just accelerated healing but also managing the pain and discomfort of sunburn, bug bites, and more – it does stand to reason that aloe vera may also benefit our hair. After all, it does grow out of our skin. So, does aloe vera have hair benefits?

Does Aloe Vera Have Hair Benefits?

Whether aloe vera can benefit your hair, creating major changes or even prolonging hair loss, are mixed. That said, there are a number of beneficial properties within aloe vera that are vital to hair health.

For one, those skin benefits (as alluded to earlier) extend to the scalp… which means aloe vera can help to repair damage there as well as soothe the scalp in situations where it is itchy. An itchy scalp will increase the likelihood of scratching it. It may sound silly, but frequently scratching your scalp can absolutely lead to hair follicle damage and have a negative impact on the integrity of your hair.

There are other important benefits that aloe vera can provide to your hair as well. It is filled with nutrients that your hair requires, like vitamins A, B12, C, and E. There are also fatty and amino acids that your hair needs to stay healthy as well. And despite containing fatty acids, aloe vera also contains enzymes that break down fats that can help manage oily hair.

Does Aloe Vera Help Hair Growth?

While, as previously mentioned, there is little evidence to suggest that aloe vera will help to stimulate hair growth… there is evidence to suggest that the improved hair health from aloe vera may promote growth. That is because aloe vera can strengthen hair and reduce breakage. Additionally, a chemical in aloe vera – called Aloenin – has been suggested to stimulate hair growth.

Can Aloe Vera Damage Your Hair?

Luckily there are very few risks involved in using aloe vera. That said, it is possible you may be allergic. If you are concerned about being allergic, it is suggested to apply a small amount of aloe vera gel to the inside of your wrist and give it two hours to see if your skin reacts negatively.

While aloe vera won’t damage your hair, it does not mean it will regrow your hair either. If you are looking to restore your hairline and regrow hair, you should consult with a doctor that can give you an evaluation and go over what options are best for you.

RHRLI Can Help Restore Your Hair And Give Advice To Keep Your Hair Healthy

Using products on your hair that contain aloe vera may be beneficial and promote positive hair health, but that just isn’t enough if you are dealing with male pattern hair loss. For many of us, hair loss is inevitable… but staying bald doesn’t have to be.

At RHRLI, we utilize the minimally invasive ARTAS® Robotic Hair Transplant System, a procedure that produces exceptional results and will get you back to your day-to-day life in just a few days. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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