Why Body Image Is One Of Men’s Top Insecurities

Why body image is one of men's top insecuritiesWhether men like to admit it or not, we all have some insecurities from time to time. These insecurities can include anything from showing emotions, their careers (and where they are going), if they make enough money, if they are good fathers, sons, or husbands… or even being insecure about having insecurities at all. It also includes many issues relating to body image and the male beauty standard.

All of us have experienced moments where we feel insecure about our bodies. For many of us it is moments where we see pictures of ourselves that we do not like or when we are in an outfit we don’t think is terribly flattering. Or we may think we look basically the same as we did when we were younger, and a look in a full-length mirror shows us that we have somehow developed a “dad bod,” which makes us feel old. Sometimes it goes deeper than that and can impact our everyday lives.

So how can men manage their body image related insecurities?

How Does Body Image Affect Men?

Body image can affect men in profound ways. One big impact body image can have on men is how it affects their mental health. While it may seem like a positive body image increases your happiness, and a negative body image decreases your happiness; it is more complicated than that.

Studies have shown that poor body image is associated with a significant increase in anxiety and depression as well as being associated with an increase in the potential for suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, and more. These feelings can be exacerbated and extended into later adulthood if they are tied to childhood trauma associated with their appearance, such as being bullied in school for being under or overweight.

Are Men Self-Conscious About Losing Their Hair?

Understandably, hair loss and body image can often have a major impact on men and their self-esteem – so they tend to be self-conscious about it.

There are many reasons why men lose their hair beyond the unavoidable thinning and loss with age that the overwhelming majority of men will face. This includes certain illnesses, damage to the hair follicles through outside means, hormone-related illnesses and difficulties, radiation treatment, and more. And when men lose their hair at a younger age it can be that much more damaging to their self-confidence.

How Do You Stay Confident When Losing Hair?

Ultimately, staying confident when losing one’s hair takes work. One step men need to strongly consider in these circumstances is if they are experiencing crippling anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation is seeking out therapy and other means of assistance for their mental help.

Another step to take to help restore their confidence is to look into hair restoration. There are professionals that can be consulted who can potentially slow down, stop, and even restore your hair. Exploring both of those options should help improve one’s overall confidence while dealing with hair loss.

The Experts At RHRLI Can Help Restore Your Hair And Your Confidence

For many men, hair loss is inevitable, but balding or staying bald does not have to be. In addition to a number of non-surgical approaches and lifestyle advice, at RHRLI we utilize the ARTAS® Robotic Hair Transplant System, a minimally invasive procedure that produces exceptional results and will get you back to your day-to-day life in just a few days. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us help you restore your hair and your confidence.

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