Weight Loss Surgery and Hair Loss

weight loss surgeryThere is certainly no shortage of weight loss remedies and treatments that exist and are readily available to the public. Sometimes diet and exercise are enough, but in more extreme cases prescription drugs or even surgery become the only answer. While some may feel weight loss surgery is extreme, it is often done as a life-saving procedure.

Weight loss procedures like sleeve gastrectomy, for example, are not without their side effects. Can a gastric sleeve cause hair loss?

What Does a Gastric Sleeve Do?

Sleeve gastrectomy is a single point of entry procedure that results in minimal scarring around the belly button. A sleeve is put over the stomach to restrict its capacity up to 90%. By doing so, the recipient of the gastric sleeve becomes full from eating only a small amount of food – which instigates weight loss.

What Are the Cons of a Gastric Sleeve?

While the pros of a gastric sleeve can be immeasurable for some people – especially those with medical conditions that improve or worsen based on one’s weight – and can be a life-saving procedure, like with all surgery it is not without risk. Although a reduced stomach capacity will get you to lose weight, if you aren’t careful with your diet then you could become malnourished.

Malnourishment can cause several different effects to the body including damage to the skin, brittle nails, and yes… hair loss. The health of your hair is dependent on a balanced diet and getting the right nutrients in your system. With a smaller stomach capacity, you must make every meal count to avoid that.

Unfortunately, losing weight quickly (even if you are getting the nutrients you need) is still a shock to your body. As a result, you will experience temporary hair loss known as telogen effluvium. This could potentially lead to permanent hair loss if malnourishment and other factors along with the gastric sleeve aren’t properly addressed.

Can I Prevent Hair Loss After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

While you are unlikely to prevent hair loss from gastric sleeve surgery, some of the most important nutrients you’ll need are iron, protein, zinc, and B vitamins. The hair loss from telogen effluvium should only last in the 3-to-6-month range, but as stated before could be exasperated by malnourishment.

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