The Cost of Hair Restoration Treatment

the cost of hair loss According to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, more than 112,000 people in the US and nearly 400,000 people worldwide undergo hair restoration procedures per year.  With so many services and procedures out there, any patient looking at options will consider a number of factors before making a decision. But one thing is almost always important, the cost.

Hair Transplant Costs Personalized To Your Needs

It’s difficult to quote a general price for hair restoration treatment because each plan we develop is individually tailored to our patients. In general, our procedure, called Robotic Follicle Unit Excision (RFUE) can run anywhere from $7,500 to $14,000. We determine costs based on your needs. Before undergoing the treatment, you will meet with our hair restoration team for a thorough consultation. We will discuss your situation, determine your needs and expectations, and answer all of your questions. A full scalp examination will also be performed, assessing donor hair density/availability and ensuring no pathology exists that could preclude a transplant. Then, your new hairline will be designed and graft placement and the count will be determined by coverage and density to achieve a fuller head of hair. Photos of your scalp will be taken at the end of the consultation to document the entire process.

What Determines The Final Costs?

The number of grafts you require is usually what determines the final price for your hair restoration procedure. An average patient usually requires anywhere from 1,500-1,800 grafts. But a higher number of grafts may be harvested depending on your needs and healthy donor hair availability. Some patients may wish for a smaller number, perhaps wanting to target the front of the head more than the rear. Women who come to us for the treatment of thinning hair usually require fewer grafts than men do, which keeps costs down. Each of our plans is custom tailored and we’ll explain what we’re doing before giving you a price.

The ARTAS® Robotic Hair Restoration Experience

Another thing to consider when calculating the costs of your permanent hair loss solution is the value you’ll receive. Robotic Hair Restoration of Long Island is the only treatment center in the area that uses the ARTAS® Robotic Hair Transplant System. You won’t find it anywhere else in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens or Brooklyn and you won’t want to pay Manhattan prices for this treatment.

ARTAS® Robotic Hair Transplants Vs. Other Systems

Other procedures aren’t as precise as the ARTAS® system. There are other systems for hair restoration that might cost less than ours, but they won’t give you the same value and won’t bring the same results. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), or “strip surgery,” is a procedure that requires using a scalpel to cut out a large strip of scalp tissue from the back of your head. Sutures and stitches are used to close the gap in the scalp which leaves a prominent scar, requires a lengthy recovery, and typically necessitate the use of post-operative narcotics to manage the associated pain.

FUT Vs. RFUE Hair Transplants

Unlike FUT, our RFUE hair transplants are minimally invasive and doesn’t require stitches or sutures. Additionally, there is no pain and you’ll recover in just a few days! Patients rarely need prescription pain medication once their hair transplant procedure is complete and can return to work immediately, saving time, and money.

Other Hair Transplant Procedures vs. The ARTAS® System

There are other, non-robotic FUE procedures that aren’t as efficient as ours. These usually involve the use of a manual or motorized handheld device. Our robotic system identifies the optimal hair follicles that are suitable for transplantation. This level of optimal graft identification is not available with non-robotic FUE techniques. The robotic system is also less susceptible to human error which can be harmful to the harvested grafts and to existing hairs. What this means is, with the ARTAS® Procedure, you will receive the highest quality harvested grafts and the most viable number of hair follicles to give you the fullest most natural looking head of hair possible.

Contact Us Today For The One and Only Permanent Solution To Hair Loss!

It’s important that you get as much information as you can when calculating the cost of your hair restoration treatment. At Robotic Hair Restoration of Long Island, we will give you a free consultation before we outline the costs of your procedure. There will be no hidden costs. The price we will quote you is the price that you will pay. Contact us at (516) 605-1545 or fill out our form to get started.

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