The Korean Hair Care Trend

Woman with beautiful soft Korean hairInterest in Korean hair care products and techniques has been on the rise in the United States. A combination of lifestyle in addition to several haircare products beyond just shampoo and conditioner can help give you softer, thicker, healthier hair and might even delay the appearance of gray hairs.

What Is Korean Hair Essence?

Dry, frizzy hair is something you’ll have even after you wash your hair. What many people don’t realize is just because you may have just washed your hair doesn’t mean that the moisture will be properly nourishing. If you don’t take care of your hair after a good washing and leave it unkempt, you’ll find that it could end up drier and more damaged than ever.

Korean Hair Essence products help capture and retain that moisture in your hair after washing to make sure you’re getting the proper amount of nutrients and helps to prevent damage, frizzy hair and split ends. They’re lightweight products and come in sprays, oils, and serums.

What Is Korean Hair Coating?

A form of Korean Hair Essence, Korean Hair Coating involves using hair product in damp hair to be combed in and allowed to stay for about twenty minutes for maximum effect. Using collagen and soy proteins, hair coating helps to repair damaged hair as well as give it a soft, shiny, healthy coat.

How Do K-Pop Idols Keep Their Hair Healthy?

Korean hair care products are a part of what keeps K-Pop Idols’ hair healthy, but they have a few more techniques as well. While some of these tips may not be what you’re looking for, like using a high-end wig if you want the look of having bleached and colored your hair, thereby avoid damage to your natural hair, some of these techniques could be applied regularly. Having nutrient- and mineral-rich foods like kimchi in your diet can help, as well as using leftover face moisturizer to tame your dry ends. Something as simple as rinsing your hair with an oil and water mix can help you maintain your hairs’ volume and shine.

How Do You Get Soft Hair?

While some of the techniques listed above can help you make your hair softer, another product to try is a Korean Hair Mask. You put your hair in the mask, massage your hair with the mask on, let it sit for approximately 10-20 minutes, depending on the mask, then wash and dry as normal. If done right, your hair should feel softer than it usually does right away.

How Do You Get Thick Hair?

One of the best products for thicker hair in Korean hair care trends is scalp tonic. This is another product designed to be left in your hair after you’ve washed it. It’s packed with nutrients, and if it’s got biotin, it will help to stimulate hair growth and strengthen it leading to thicker hair.

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