Natural Hair Guide: Protective Styles, Breakage and Shedding

protective hairstyleProper hair treatment is essential to prevent natural hair from breaking or shedding. First, trim split ends to prevent further damage. Periodically deep condition your hair – but also occasionally use a clarifying treatment to prevent product build-up. Avoid using heat on your hair and seal your ends. A protective hairstyle is also something to consider.

What Is a Protective Style?

A protective hairstyle is one that is designed to shield the ends of the hair from splitting or breaking. Protective hairstyles do things like roll or tuck the end of hair strands away – so they aren’t exposed to potentially damaging chlorine while swimming, excessive heat, sun, and so forth.

Can Protective Styles Damage Hair?

Traction Alopecia, unfortunately, can be a byproduct of certain hairstyles like tight braids or ponytails, dreadlocks, buns, and similar styles. This is due to how these styles can pull on the scalp for a prolonged period of time. Some people mistakenly think that “protective hairstyles” can prevent the locs and alopecia issue.

On the contrary, protective hairstyles can contribute to traction alopecia hair loss if the protective hairstyle pulls on the scalp. That pulling causes inflammation which can damage the hair follicle. It is important to be sure that the protective hairstyle chosen is loose enough along the crown of the head to avoid irritating the scalp.

Do Protective Styles Help Hair Grow?

A common belief is that protective hairstyles help hair grow because it prevents breakage, which can help hair grow faster. Actually, the benefits of protective hairstyles for overall growth is due to how little hair is manipulated while in this style.

RHRLI Is Ready To Help Restore Your Hair

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