National Selfie Day: Happy Clients, Testimonials, & Pics

National Selfie DayNational Selfie Day, celebrated on June 21, is a great time to snap some new pics of yourself, try out a new filter, etc. While it’s a somewhat new holiday, the first selfie is actually older than you think.

Who Took the First Selfie?

Photography enthusiast Robert Cornelius is considered the first person to have ever taken a selfie, though it wasn’t with a phone. Cornelius took his own photograph in his backyard in Philadelphia in October 1839. Cornelius had just gotten a large box camera with a lens and was excited to try it out. Since daguerreotype photography had only just been invented two months before, the hobby was brand new and the idea of sitting for a photographic portrait had yet to become common.

Today’s photographic technology is a million times more advanced as are selfie options. In fact, you can find entire lists of must-have equipment for selfie enthusiasts.

Hair Loss and Selfies

Of course, not everyone has the confidence to snap a selfie, especially if they’re dealing with hair loss. For others who have taken selfies for years, the growing realization that their hairline is receding, or seeing your overall hair volume is thinning can be very distressing.

H.N. is one such patient at RHRLI. As someone who works in sales, maintaining a professional appearance was very important to him. His thinning hair was hurting his confidence and affecting his job performance.

Worse, one day his son touched his hair and commented on it being so thin. That was the last straw – H.N. started researching hair restoration solutions soon after, which eventually led him to our doors and the ARTAS® hair restoration procedure. As you can see from these before-and-after photographs, the results were fabulous.

N.H. Before Hair Restoration N.H. After Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration Stops Teasing

For patient N.T., not only was his hair loss affecting his confidence, but his students were also teasing him about it, which made it worse. The high school physical education teacher and coach had had enough “funny” comments from students and wanted a restored hairline.

However, N.T. was very concerned with the hair restoration procedure results. Not only did he want a natural hairline, but he wanted to be able to wear his hair very short sometimes, which wouldn’t be possible with the “strip” hair transplant procedures. We showed him how we create a new hairline, how the ARTAS® System takes donor hairs follicle by follicle for a virtually undetectable result, etc. As you can see by the before-and-after photos, the results were fantastic. N.T. is thrilled with the results.

N.T. Before Hair Restoration N.T. After Hair Restoration

Find Out If You’re a Good Candidate for Hair Restoration

Are you worried about thinning hair? Concerned you may be showing signs of male pattern baldness? Experiencing troubling hair loss and unsure why? Your questions and concerns can be addressed in a free, virtual consultation. At RHRLI, our state-of-the-art facility uses the ARTAS® robot for precise results and faster healing. You can visit us at our Long Island location in Jericho or at our midtown Manhattan office. Contact us today.

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