Is Holiday Hair Loss Real?

Is Holiday Hair Loss Real?Seasonal hair loss is so common that even Martha Stewart has written about it. But, while it may seem like it’s tied to the holidays, the stress of seeing family and getting everything done is not as much to blame as you might think. In fact, the changing season is the biggest culprit in your seasonal hair loss – at least for most people.

Is Seasonal Hair Loss Normal?

Yes, it is. Of course, we always want to add the caveat: some seasonal hair loss is normal. Extreme seasonal hair loss might be an indicator of a bigger problem and mean you need to call us right away. But for the average person, hair loss may increase as much as 50 percent in the fall.

A study published in 2009 tracked women’s hair loss for six years and found that hair follicles are often in the growth phase (called the anagen phase) for three to 10 years at a time. But the most common time for hair to enter the telogen phase – the so-called shedding phase – is in the fall.

So, your holiday hair loss might just be your normal hair life cycle. Or maybe not.

Does Holiday Stress Cause Hair Loss?

Stress causes increases in cortisol, the hormone we associate with the flight or fight response. And cortisol can negatively impact your hair, according to a hair specialist quoted in Harper’s Bazaar.

Cortisol ends up “affecting nutrient absorption, messing with hormone levels and impacting the health of your scalp,” Harper’s Bazaar reported.

The same article points out that the dry weather of summer and winter can also be brutal for your hair. So, taking good care of your scalp and avoiding stress are key to avoiding holiday hair loss. Otherwise, hair abuse from summer could catch up with you in winter – or winter itself can cause excessive shedding.

How Can I Stop Seasonal Hair Loss?

Try to keep your stress levels down. Decide which events are most important to your happiness and skip the ones that are too much stress.

Keep your hair hydrated and moisturized. Allure points out that part of the goal is to keep your body hydrated as indoor heat and less consumption of water can lead to overall dehydration. A high-quality shampoo and conditioner are also a good idea.

RHRLI Are the Experts in Treating Hair Loss

If you are concerned that your hair loss is more than normal, it’s always best to have it looked at by a professional. At Robotic Hair Restoration Long Island, we can evaluate your hair loss and make recommendations to slow it down or restore your hair. To schedule your free hair and scalp analysis, call us today!

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