Is An Itchy Scalp An Indication Of Hair Loss?

Is an itchy scalp an indication of hair loss?Many of us have had to deal with an itchy scalp here and there. Sometimes it’s the result of dry skin from things outside of our control, like the weather. Other times it could be the result of dandruff, an allergic reaction, or other medical issues.

When we experience an itchy scalp, we may find ourselves literally scratching our heads in front of the mirror trying to see if we can make out what might be the cause of it. And whenever we spend time looking at our hair in the mirror, we naturally try to take a closer look to see how full it is. Maybe it’s a trick your eyes are playing on you, or maybe it does appear that your hair might be thinning. Could thinning hair be causing your itchy scalp?

Does Thinning Hair Cause An Itchy Scalp?

Thinning hair and an itchy scalp do often occur independently of each other… but that doesn’t mean they can’t be linked in some instances. An itchy scalp potentially leading to hair thinning can occur if the itching is severe enough to damage the skin. Damaging the scalp to the point where it causes scarring can also damage the hair follicles – which will cause targeted hair loss in the affected areas and could be permanent.

Additionally, there are conditions that can cause both hair loss and an itchy scalp. Conditions like folliculitis and lichen planopilaris cause inflammation in the hair follicles or scalp with ailments that include both hair loss and an itchy scalp. There are also conditions like alopecia areata that causes patches of hair to fall out and can also cause itchiness in the scalp as a result.

Does Telogen Effluvium Cause An Itchy Scalp?

The short answer is yes. The primary result of telogen effluvium is hair loss. That said, one of the other symptoms you can experience is an itchier and more tender scalp. In this instance you can say that hair thinning can cause an itchy scalp.

What’s The Best Shampoo For An Itchy Scalp?

If you’re trying to address an itchy scalp in your bathing regiment, you’ll want to make sure you’re washing your hair once or twice a day to keep your scalp properly moisturized. You’ll also want to use shampoos that help to hydrate your hair.

It may sound counter-intuitive at face value, but when you get your hair wet it can become drier than it was beforehand if the shampoo that you’re using lacks proper hydrating properties.

RHRLI Can Help Restore Your Hair And Give You Advice On Keeping Your Scalp Healthy

While many of us may experience an itchy scalp that isn’t related to thinning hair, the vast majority of us will still experience some form of hair loss over the course of our lives. Here at RHRLI, we utilize the ARTAS® robotic hair transplant system designed to restore your hair line in a minimally invasive way that will get you back to your day-to-day life quickly.

We’ll assess whether robotic hair restoration is an appropriate treatment for you or if one of our other hair restoration services would be a better fit. We’ll even provide you with lifestyle advice to help keep your scalp healthy including what shampoos would be best for you. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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