How The Immune System Impacts Hair Growth

How the immune system impacts hair growthThe human body, despite all the time and energy that has gone into researching it for millennia, is still a mystery in many regards. In fact, we’re still finding out new information about how our bodies operate. For example, we know that most people will experience some form of hair thinning or loss in their lives… but we don’t understand the body enough yet to prevent it before it starts for the millions of Americans affected.

A crucial part of learning to prevent hair loss in the future is having a better understanding of what causes it. We’ve discussed how factors we can sometimes control – including stress, diet, and our sleeping patterns – can affect overall hair health. What about factors outside of our control? It can be genetic (as in a benign trait that’s passed down), but could it also be related to other factors that can be inherited… like an auto-immune disease?

What Auto-Immune Disease Makes Your Hair Fall Out?

One auto-immune disease that causes hair loss is known as alopecia areata. This particular disease causes your immune system to perceive your hair follicles as hostile foreign entities in your body that need to be attacked. The more hair follicles that get damaged as a result of this, the more hair you’ll lose.

Fortunately, the damage done to hair follicles as a result of this auto-immune disease rarely leads to the hair follicle being destroyed. This means you have a chance at being able to regrow some – if not most – of your hair lost in this way over time.

Why Is My Immune System Attacking My Hair Follicles?

Unfortunately, we still don’t entirely understand why our immune systems do this. The current belief is that it can be a combination of both genetic factors as well as environmental ones.

That may not sound like it narrows it down, but that’s what the scientific community is currently working with. Perhaps with some of the recent breakthrough findings that have been revealed recently, we can start unlocking the truths behind alopecia areata to better combat it in the future.

Robotic Hair Restoration Long Island Can Help Restore Your Hair Line

Alopecia areata can be particularly stressful and embarrassing as your immune system can attack hair follicles in a way that leads to patchy hair loss. Regardless, if you’re suffering from auto-immune disease related hair loss or not, we here at RHRLI can help. We utilize the ARTAS Robotic FUE hair restoration system, a minimally invasive procedure that will get you back to your day-to-day life quickly as you start your journey toward a full and natural head of hair once again.

Additionally, we also offer non-surgical options as well as lifestyle advice to help you cultivate strong, healthy hair long after hair restoration takes place. Contact us today for a free consultation on how best to restore your hair.

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