Hair Bleaching and Hair Loss, James Charles & Dani Austin

hair bleaching suppliesHair bleaching is often mentioned as a possible reason for hair loss. With social media influencers James Charles and Dani Austin admitting to their own problems with hair loss, the topic has come up all over again.

Charles, a beauty influencer, went public with his hair loss, which appears to be predominantly from hair bleaching. In his original Snapchat video, he showed how when he runs his hand through his hair or towel dries his hair, a substantial number of strands, far more than the usual amount from natural shedding, are left behind. He ended the video by saying, “If you’re thinking of bleaching your hair – DON’T” with a caption over it that said, “DO NOT BLEACH YOUR HAIR!!!!”

In a later video, Charles said that hair bleaching can be safe if done correctly but admitted that he “cheated” on his usual colorist before an event. It was after that rogue hair bleaching that Charles began experiencing hair loss whereas no such thing had occurred after sessions with his usual colorist.

How Bad Is Bleaching for Your Hair?

The Effects of Bleaching Your Hair Depends Upon:

  • The state of your hair before bleaching
  • The products used
  • Your diet and nutrition
  • And how often you bleach it, among other things.

Bleaching is a permanent change to the hair shaft until the treated section grows out. Bleaching uses alkaline chemicals to swell the hair strands. That’s why bleached hair often looks fuller. Then chemicals are used to strip the hair’s natural color. During the bleaching process the porousness and elasticity of the hair changes. Depending upon the hair’s original state and how it’s treated afterward that’s not necessarily good or bad.

However, bleaching can weaken hair, especially if done frequently, processed too long, or processed incorrectly. Lack of correct conditioning afterward can also be a factor. Weak hair can be prone to breakage.  Other factors, such as nutrient deficiencies, can make it worse. It can make it look like hair loss but doesn’t always affects the hair follicle itself.

Done correctly, with post-bleach conditioning, it can be a safe process. The hair will need to go through a cycle or two of growth and rest while receiving good treatment if it was mistreated, though. All in all, healthy hair is possible despite bleaching.

Can Bleaching Hair Cause Permanent Damage?

Sometimes, yes, especially depending upon the circumstances. That appears to be the case with Dani Austin. Austin, a fashion blogger, went public with the story of her hair loss and switched to wigs. In her case, bleaching appears to be part of the situation in addition to hair pulling.

Trichotillomania is a medical condition, often related to stress, that involves pulling at hair, usually on the head, but also sometimes eyebrows and other areas. Austin admits to the habit. By itself, trichotillomania can lead to permanent hair loss. Combined with bad bleaching that burns the scalp, the risk is even higher.

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