Does Scalp Massages Work to Combat Hair Loss?

man giving himself a scalp massageHome remedies for hair loss are as old as hair loss itself. Do any work? Or are they just myths? Does brushing your hair help or worsen hair loss? What about scalp massages? Let’s look at the facts.

Do Scalp Massages Help with Thinning Hair?

The answer depends upon the expert you ask. Some say studies haven’t proven that scalp massage helps hair growth. Others argue that they have. Why the conflict? It depends upon the size of the studies. Studies featuring a large testing group are considered more reliable.

Studies have been done to test whether scalp massages improve hair growth. A 2016 study indicated that regular scalp massage could result in thicker hair – but it only involved nine men. That’s a statistically insignificant size to study.

A follow-up study in 2019 is said to confirm the 2016 results with a larger group. Yes, the group size was more significant – 240 people – but in terms of medical studies, that’s still too small of a group size to be considered a viable conclusion. So, while 69% of participants in that study reported that their hair loss had improved, it’s not enough to assert that scalp massage can treat hair loss.

Why do people believe scalp massage is a home remedy for hair loss? According to some research, the massage or brushing stretches the hair follicle cells and dilates blood vessels under the skin, which stimulates the hair follicles, leading them to produce thicker hair and stimulating hair growth.

How to Massage Your Scalp

Start with a gentle scalp massage. Pressure can always be increased in subsequent scalp massage sessions. Traditional scalp massage is done with the fingertips only.

  1. Using light to medium pressure, start in the center of the scalp and move your fingertips in small circles.
  2. Slowly move your fingertips around the scalp to cover the entire scalp area.
  3. The total massage should last at least 5 minutes. This can be repeated several times a day if desired.

A scalp massage can also be performed during a shower while shampooing your hair. Essential oils can also be used when massaging the scalp.

While the scientific case for scalp massages combatting hair loss is still out, it does feel good and is relaxing. If, however, you want real treatment for thinning hair or hair loss, a consultation here at RHRLI is the best bet.

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