Can Onions Prevent Hair Loss?

can onions prevent hair loss?Onions have been a staple at the dinner table since before there were dinner tables some 5,000 years ago. Their delicious pungency notwithstanding, people have had other uses for onions throughout history. They were thought to ward off disease, protect from evil spirits, and aid in increasing beauty and long life.

So, can you use onion juice for hair growth?

Can Onions Regrow Hair?

Maybe! Eating onions can lower the risk of heart disease, stroke, and even Alzheimer’s disease. There aren’t enough studies to prove it definitively, but many people claim a mixture of onion juice applied to the scalp improves the quality of their existing hair and promotes hair growth.

Can Onions Cure Hair Loss?

Using onion juice for hair loss is not an uncommon home remedy. Generally, it’s mixed with lemon juice or some other more pleasant scent to detract from the typical onion smell. While there is evidence to support the health benefits of eating onions, there are less scientific facts proving it has any effect on hair loss related illnesses.

Does Onion Juice Help Alopecia?

There is one small study that has proven. The study shows that applying a treatment of onion juice twice daily for two months did show positive hair re-growth in participants suffering from alopecia areata. Unfortunately, while it was found to perhaps help stimulate the growth of existing hair, it isn’t likely to reverse any hair loss.

Does Onion Juice Help Hair Growth?

Researchers in 2018 published a study in the Journal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics wherein they created an onion-based shampoo that was found to moisturize dry hair and promote hair growth.

Does Onion Juice Cause Hair Breakage?

There are many causes of hair breakage. Underlying health conditions, stress, over-combing, bleaching, and dying your hair can all cause breakage. While onion juice isn’t known to cause breakage, if mixed incorrectly it can cause redness and itching of the scalp.

Which Onion is Best for Hair Growth?

There is a lot of information out there, but the best onion for treating your hair is the red onion. The reason for this is they are simply the juicier of the onion varieties.

Do Onions Cause Hair Loss?

If your hair is naturally weak or otherwise sensitive, applying onion juice to your scalp can cause hair loss. Also – and ironically – if used too often, onion juice can cause a burning or itching sensation that can result in hair loss. Before juicing an onion to the scalp, consider speaking with a professional to discern what your hair actually needs.

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